Mason Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 8, 2022

A mason requires plenty of skills in order to be considered for a job. And all these need to be evident on his or her resume.

It is important to realize that the resume can make or break your chances to acquire a job as a mason, specifically the skills section within it.

It is imperative to show that you are the best person to hire for a mason position. Your resume lets you do this, through a dedicated skills section.

What more would you need?

Typically, the skills section should highlight your ability to handle duties such as setting and checking forms, mixing and smoothing concrete, monitoring how the elements affect concrete curing, and handling finishing work.

As a mason, your abilities and skills regarding masonry work on roofing structures must be highlighted in the skills section of a mason resume.

If you are in the process of applying for a mason position, you must check the following list of skills statements, in order to correctly fill out the skills section of your resume:

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Mason Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in providing support in building layouts, framing, and sheathing.

• Effectively able to use equipment and tools properly and safely.

• Exceptionally talented in lifting and placing bricks.

• Skilled in checking forms that hold the concrete in order to ensure that proper construction takes place.

• Deeply familiar with spreading, leveling, and smoothing mortar or concrete using power and hand tools.

• Well-versed in producing rough concrete surfaces.

• Competent in molding expansion joints and edges.

• Qualified to clean chipped areas using tools such as wire brushes.

• Proven ability to apply hardening and sealing compounds to cure surfaces of concrete.

• Track record of chipping, scraping, and grinding high spots, ridges, and rough projections.

• Unmatched ability to cut out damaged areas.

• Ability to drill holes in construction materials, by following safety rules.

• Expert in waterproofing and restoring concrete surfaces, by using the right types of compounds.

• Highly skilled in preparing surfaces for bonding, and filling holes and cracks.

• Experienced in fabricating concrete beams, columns, and panels.

• Proficient in building wooden molds.

• Adept at performing finishing work such as polishing and buffing.

• First-hand experience in applying decorative masonry finishing.

• Excellent ability to spread roofing paper on foundations, and spread concrete onto roofing paper.

• Particularly effective in ensuring the safety of people and items through the implementation of accident prevention strategies.

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