Concrete Worker Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 2, 2018

It is a common misconception that providing hiring managers with a list of your abilities and qualifications is not as important as putting in your experience in a concrete worker resume.

When you fail to mention your skills as a concrete worker, you actually fail to highlight yourself as a good candidate for a job. And since resumes are all about putting it out there that there is no one better than you, making the mistake of not mentioning your skills can kill your chances of being hired.

The best thing that you can do to highlight your abilities is to create a dedicated skills section in your resume. This way, you will be able to communicate to a hiring manager that you have the right type of skills set that he requires for a job – in a dedicated manner. The skills section on a resume is hardly an adornment.

Its purpose is to ensure that the hiring manager’s attention is focused on your best attributes, and how you can use them to his or her benefit. As soon as a hiring manager reads that your skills are an exact match for his or her requirements, you will be considered for the job, and who knows, the next step might be an interview call!

So do not feel shy about boasting your skills, and have a look at the following list of skills statements particular to the position of a concrete worker:

Sample Skills for Concrete Worker Resume

• Highly skilled in reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints to determine the type of concrete work required.

• Experienced in setting forms to hold concrete to desired pitch and depth, and align and position them correctly.

• Effectively able to spread, level and smooth concrete in an appropriate manner, and perform finishing surfaces.

• Demonstrated expertise in monitoring the effects of wind, dust, and rain on curing of applied or poured concrete.

• Exceptionally well-versed in producing rough concrete surfaces, and performing correlating finishing work.

• Deep familiarity with molding expansion joints and edges, using a wide variety of edging tools.

• Competent in cleaning chipped areas, by using brushes and brooms, and feeling surfaces to determine rough edges.

• Qualified to waterproof and restore concrete surfaces using appropriate compounds and waterproofing agents.

• Proven ability to polish surfaces, and ensure that they are finished according to specified standards and instructions.

• Talented in estimating concrete quantities, and appropriate mixes of sand and cement for each project.

• Track record of efficiently and effectively fine-finishing concrete by performing floating, edging, and brushing activities.