Mason Job Description for Resume

Updated January 24, 2019

The main work of a mason is to repair, maintain, and alter buildings. These individuals are very important to the construction arena. In fact, a lot relies on their shoulders, as far as construction work is concerned.

Their work involves layering building materials, such as bricks and concrete, and fabricating and altering structures and surfaces.

Using the right amount of raw materials is something that a mason needs to know. Binding work and the ability to handle various work duties at the same time is important.

A list of duties particular to a mason resume is provided below for your references:

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Mason Job Description for Resume

• Check work orders to determine work processes that need to be performed.

• Measure distances from reference points in order to mark guidelines.

• Use tools such as plump bobs and levels to perform work processes.

• Calculate angles and courses.

• Determine both vertical and horizontal alignment of courses.

• Mix cement or mortar and spread it onto foundations.

• Lay bricks according to set plans.

• Read and comprehend blueprints and drawings in order to determine materials required for each project.

• Lay patterns or foundations according to set instructions.

• Cut bricks according to required sizes and shapes.

• Spread mortar on surfaces, and clean excess mortar using trowels and other hand tools.

• Determine the effect of heat, wind, and cold on the curing of concrete.

• Direct and oversee the casting of concrete.

• Supervise the work of laborers.

• Produce rough concrete surfaces, and perform finishing work on them.

• Clean chipped areas using tools such as wire brushes.

• Observe surfaces in order to determine if they are rough or uneven.

• Apply compounds, for example, hardeners and sealants to perform curing work.

• Cut out damaged areas and reinforce rods.

• Position rods in order to repair concrete.

• Break up rock and asphalt as needed.

• Operate power vibrators in order to compact concrete.

• Perform waterproofing and restoring functions on concrete.

• Handle repair and maintenance work on existing surfaces.

Mason Qualifications

Working as a mason requires a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

Previous experience is also required for people hoping to work at this position.

Masons need to physically fit, as they have to perform a lot of physically taxing work.

Operative heavy machinery is also something that masons have to do, which is why they need to possess exceptional knowledge of handling construction machinery.

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