Stone Mason Resume Sample

Updated on: October 9, 2017


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Stone Mason Resume Sample



Gregory Jacobson

708 Persimmon Tree Road, Lexington, SC 29078
(000) 695-2015
gregjac @ email . com


Physically strong, insightful, and dedicated Mason with extensive experience in building stone structures such as piers, walls and abutments. Skilled in using a wide variety of equipment and tools to ensure appropriate installation of stone structures.

• Demonstrated expertise in drilling and repairing ornamental stone and marble surfaces, by using blowtorches, and mastics
• Competent in calculating angles and courses, and determining vertical and horizontal alignment of courses
• Qualified to measure difference from reference points, and marking guidelines to lay out work plans
• Proven ability to break and cut stones, marble, tiles, and blocks to size, using trowels and power saws


✓ Measurements ✓ Repair and Maintenance ✓ Shaping and Cutting
✓ Spots Smoothing ✓ Power Tools Use ✓ Composition Mixtures
✓ Points Marking ✓ Setting Preparation ✓ Mixture Aggregation
✓ Stone Setting ✓ Units Installment ✓ Finishing


✓ Simultaneously led 5 masonry projects at one time, bringing all of them to fruition within the provided timelines
✓ Introduced a novel measurements system, which proved to be 65% more accurate than the one being used for over 10 years.
✓ Trained 13 apprentices in handling stone masonry work, as part of their induction procedure.
✓ Implemented a tools maintenance system, resulting in decreased incidents of tools breakdown.


Stone Mason
Walton Masonry, Lexington, SC | 12/2010 – Present
• Use straight edges, rulers and staked lines to lay out wall patterns and foundations
• Mark reference points on construction materials, and shape, trim and cut marble and stone preparatory to setting
• Set both vertical and horizontal alignment of structures, by using plumb bobs, gauge lines, and levels
• Create mixtures of mortars or grout, and pour or spread it on marble slabs and stones
• Remove wedges, fill joints between stones, and perform finishing work using trowels and other tools
• Ascertain that excess mortar is properly cleaned from the surface of the stone, by using sponges and brushes
• Set stone and marble in place, and lay bricks to build shells of chimneys and smokestacks
• Repair cracked or chipped areas of stone or marble, and cut tiles and stones according to set instructions

Stone Mason
ABC Imaging, Lexington, SC | 2/2004 – 12/2010
• Prepared work areas for stone masonry work, by clearing away debris and hazardous materials
• Ascertained that all materials such as grout and mortar were readily available
• Drilled holes in marble slabs and ornamental stones, and repaired cracked or chipped areas
• Assisted in constructing and installing prefabricated masonry units
• Positioned molds along guidelines of walls, pressed molds in place, and removed old molds and paper from walls

Lexington High School, Lexington, SC – 2009
High School Diploma