24 Brick Mason Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: January 16, 2020

A skilled brick mason has a great chance of being hired. Therefore, it is important to write a resume that hosts a skills section.

In the skills and/or qualifications section of your resume, be sure to mention your knowledge of the work primarily.

Apart from general qualifications required by employers, it is important to list specific skills such as knowledge of preparing work surfaces, choosing the right materials and tools, and handling brick-laying and fixing work.

Brick masons have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, as they have to ensure that the foundation of a building is perfectly managed.

There is no room for error, which is why they should possess excellent organizational skills.

A list of brick mason skills that you can write on a brick mason resume when applying for this position is provided below for your guidance:

Brick Mason Skills and Qualifications for Resume

  1. Proven ability to use levels and plumb bobs in order to verify the vertical and horizontal structure elevations

  2. Knowledge of reading and comprehending blueprints and plans for construction projects

  3. Able to mix specific amounts of materials to form mortar

  4. Demonstrated expertise in fabricating and altering walls, sidewalks, street curbs, sink counters, and showering areas

  5. Solid track record of effectively repairing and maintaining buildings

  6. Competent in determining work requirements and sequences of masonry work

  7. Able to layout work by using chalk lines, and squares

  8. Exceptional ability to mix cement using hoes, cement mixing equipment, and hand tools

  9. Focused on ensuring that all work processes are carried out according to set rules and regulations

  10. Expert in cutting and breaking bricks using hammers, drills, and paving breakers

  11. Exceptional knowledge of operating equipment such as forklifts, dump trucks, and flatbeds

  12. Ability to install refractory tiles in high-temperature environments

  13. Well-versed in replacing bricks and making repairs to brickwork

  14. Effectively able to use cleaning and buffing agents to clean finished projects

  15. Talented in building and repairing walls, floors, and partitions, and fireplaces

  16. Excellent skills in setting stone exteriors and floors

  17. Experience in attaching brackets to stones to hold large stones in place

  18. Skilled in correcting basic safety hazards and reporting them to foremen

  19. Exceptional knowledge of safely tearing down and rebuilding structures

  20. Highly knowledgeable about plastering ceilings and walls

  21. Documented success in carefully assigning work to helpers and apprentices

  22. Unmatched ability to perform carpentry work incidental to masonry projects

  23. Committed to performing preventative and regular maintenance on brick-laying tools and equipment

  24. Hands-on experience in inspecting brickwork to determine problems and faults, and fixing them immediately

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