Mason Resume Sample

Updated on: January 23, 2019

You may find it difficult to write a resume for a mason position unless you have all the information at hand.

In fact, you will need to make notes before you write your resume.

What to write in a mason resume?

Typically, it is your knowledge of masonry work that needs to go into it.

However, prior experience and achievements also need to be made part of the resume.

As a mason, your skills will lie in your ability to repair and maintain structures, such as buildings.

You will need to highlight all your experience and abilities in this regard.



Mason Resume Sample



Sam Mirren
60 66th Avenue, Denver, CO 37827
(000) 999-9999


8+ years of solid track record of performing high-quality masonry work on construction sites. Exceptionally talented in determining details on blueprints and drawings. Effectively able to handle finishing work in a quick manner.

• Devised a workplace assessment system, therefore, reduced survey time by 80%.
• Significantly improved the quality of bricklaying work, by introducing a series of training sessions.
• Proved to be invaluable to a restoration project by implementing well-placed masonry work.
• Implemented a material handling system, as a result, decreased material wastage by 70%.


Material Handling Mortar Preparation Bricklaying
Building Altering Blueprints Comprehension Inventory Oversight
Tools Use Preventative Maintenance Training
Restoration Workplace Assessment Renovation


Acme Construction Company, Denver, CO | 2013-present
• Look through work drawings and blueprints in order to determine the required masonry work.
• Perform initial assessments to figure out resources that will be needed.
• Create estimates for material, equipment, and labor costs for each project.
• Acquire materials and tools, such as cement, and levels.
• Create masonry plans in accordance with specified requirements.
• Measure distances from reference points in order to determine work processes.
• Calculate angels and courses.
• Cut bricks in accordance to specified instructions.
• Apply and smooth mortar onto surfaces.
• Mix the right amount of sand and mortar powder in order to create the right mixes.
• Perform finishing duties.
• Create and maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment required for masonry work.

Mason Apprentice
SGL Group, Aspen, CO | 2011-2013
• Acquired supplies and tools for all building projects.
• Followed instructions to mix dirt, clay, cement, and sand.
• Assisted in applying mortar or cement mixtures to surfaces.
• Cleaned extra amounts of cement from edges.
• Picked up and stored materials and equipment left over.

St. Peter’s High School, Denver, CO

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