Brick Mason Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: January 16, 2020

A brick mason is a vital part of the construction crew. Hence, their resume must be written with great care, so that the hiring manager can see them as a good contender.

A brick mason’s resume should cover everything from skills, qualifications, accomplishments, and experience.


The following resume sample, written especially for a brick mason position will help you write one to apply for this position:

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Brick Mason Resume Sample


Kyle Charles
73 Y Street, Brooklyn, NY 64702
(000) 999-9999


Brick Mason with over 6 years of solid career history including construction, alteration, and fabrication projects. Demonstrated experience in effectively performing surface preparation, and construction work. Proven ability to build construction worker teams, in order to attain significant levels of customer satisfaction. Excellent ability to determine work requirements and sequences of masonry, through review of work orders, plans, and drawings.

• Reduced materials cost by 25% by suggesting onboarding an inexpensive but high-quality supplier.
• Successfully installed tiles on 2 projects simultaneously, without compromising quality of work.
• Trained 14 apprentices in performing equipment operations, cement mixing, and calculation angles.


Brick Mason
Tradesman International, Brooklyn, NY
Dec 2014-present
• Check work orders to determine project requirements
• Read and comprehend blueprints and designs
• Prepare surface areas by removing debris and other materials
• Layout foundations and patterns by using measuring tools such as rulers and straightedges
• Verify vertical and horizontal structure elevations
• Mix the right amount of sand, cement, lime, and water to form mortar
• Use tools such as hammers, power saws, and edges
• Conduct repairs of walls, partitions, and fireplaces
• Carryout estimates, and take and record measurements
• Conduct inspections of brick structures to determine the need to repair
• Spray refractory materials on finished brick structures in order to protect them
• Assign work to apprentices and laborers, and check their progress
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on bricklaying tools and equipment

Ingalls Industries, Brooklyn, NY
May 2013-Dec 2014
• Cleaned work areas, and prepared them for masonry work
• Marked out and measured distances by using stakes, rules, and levels
• Used trowels to scoop and spread mortar on brick and tiles
• Laid and aligned bricks on mortar beds according to set building plans
• Identified faults and fixed issues in construction projects
• Cleaned and maintained tools and equipment used in bricklaying work

Fabrication | Blueprint Comprehension
Cement Mixing | Expansion Joints Molding
Equipment Operations | Stone Wall Building
Refractory Installation | Tile Installation
Distance Measuring | Angle Calculations
Structure Layouts | Inspection

High School Diploma
St. John’s High School, New York City, NY – 2009

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