Brick Mason Helper Job Description Sample

Updated on: January 24, 2019

The construction industry hires many people at various levels of skills. Brick masons are one of them – these people cut and shape bricks to build walls and other structures.

They are usually skilled people who need very little or no supervision at all, as they are well-versed in what they do. But they do need a little assistance to ensure that their work is done properly.

And this is where brick mason helpers come in. Brick mason helpers are typically hired to assist brick masons in cutting, shaping and installing bricks.

They work as apprentices to learn the job of a brick mason and provide assistance at the same time. It is essential for helpers to be physically dexterous as they need to lift and transport heavy objects quite often. Typically, they are required to complete 2000 hours of apprenticeship work if they want to be eligible for a full-time brick mason job eventually.

Working as a brick mason helper, you do not need to be highly skilled – you need to be interested enough in work to be able to handle its demands on a daily basis and learn on the way.

If this is your career niche, you can go through the following list of job duties that are particular to this job:

Brick Mason Helper Duties & Responsibilities

• Clean work areas using a variety of chemical solutions and polishing machines.
• Take and follow instructions to cut and shape bricks according to each project in question.
• Use power saws and tile cutters to perform cutting and shaping activities.
• Assist in erecting scaffolding and other installation structures.
• Mix, cement, plaster, and grout either manually or by using machines by ensuring that standard mixing formulas are followed.
• Provide support in preparing, installing, repairing and rebuilding tile, brick and stone surfaces.
• Remove damaged tiles, bricks and mortar and clean and prepare surfaces for rebuilding purposes.
• Correct surface imperfections post building duties by removing grout and plaster.
• Perform brick polishing and buffing activities to ensure that the appearance of the surface is perfected.
• Apply grout between joints of tiles and bricks using trowels and sponges.
• Ascertain that sufficient amount of building materials are available in the inventory.
• Arrange for the procurement of special equipment and tools for each building project.
• Move and reposition materials such as marble slabs, using follies, hoists, and cranes.
• Transport materials and tools to work sites and ensure that they are accounted for at the end of the day.
• Perform preventative and general maintenance tasks on building tools and equipment.