Floor Installer Resume Sample

Updated on: December 20, 2015

Kick-starting your career by making sure that every step is clearly defined, is what will take you up the success ladder. The first and the last steps are always considered the most important. In a job application process, the first step will be the resume. How you create your resume and the type of information that you put in it will decide your success with a prospective employer.

Floor installer resumes are a dime a dozen if you scan the Internet. Hundreds of services providing thousands of resumes that will “help you get the job”. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. You can look through millions of samples but at the end, it is what you write in a resume that makes all the difference. To help you along, here is a resume sample that you can use as an example to write your own:


Floor Installer Resume Sample


Jack Reid

9135 Chestnut Drive ● Salem, NH 00212 ● (000) 141-7877 ● jreid @ email . com


SUMMARY: Experienced floor installer with a 13+ years’ track record of installing different types of floors, determining the right types of materials and floorboard to use for specific projects. Detail-oriented individual known for perfection and preciseness.

Expert in:
• Thoroughly inspecting and cleaning worksites in preparation for installing floors
• Accurately measuring areas to determine quantity of materials required
• Working within set budgets by coordinating effective material buying processes
• Correcting defects such as incorrect levels and chipped wood or tiles


• Area Inspection • Layout Determination • Negotiation
• Noise Reduction • Floor Sketched Study • Reduced Wear and Tear
• Tile and Wood Flooring • Cost Calculation • Materials Procurement
• Construction Compliance • Power Tools Use • Repair and Maintenance


SMART FLOORING, Salem, NH | 5/2008 to Present
Floor Installer

• Inspect worksites and ensure that they are properly cleaned and cleared of debris
• Measure floor area to determine the amount of materials that will be needed to cover it
• Sweep and chip dirt and irregularities from existing base surfaces and fill cracks with putty and plaster
• Coordinate efforts with suppliers / vendors to procure materials and equipment for floor laying
• Cut and shape floor materials such as wood and tiles so that they fit into the designated space
• Install floor coverings using adhesives and cement and check them to ensure that they are properly fixed
• Fill in areas between tiles with plaster to ensure a clean and even look
• Cleanup leftover materials such as adhesives and plaster
• Repair existing tiled or wooden floors by replacing damaged or rotted tiles with new ones
• Provide customers with information on involved costs and handle work duties according to provided budgets

Key Accomplishments
• Renovated wood floor of an entire restaurant spanning 4800 square feet within a deadline of 6 days
• Reduced noise on the laminate floor of an old people’s home by suggesting and installing buffering agents under floorboards
• Effectively repaired a termite eaten wooden floor which other flooring installers had deemed too difficult to restore and had suggested replacement of
• Trained 7 apprentices in reading floor plans and using power tools to perform flooring installation work

TRADESMEN INTERNATIONAL, Salem, NH | 1/2002 to 5/2008
Tile Installer

• Cleared work sites by removing debris and hazardous materials
• Contacted vendors to determine availability to materials and tiles / wood block
• Assisted in shaping tiles and wood using power saws to make sure that they fit requirements
• Provided support in installing flooring by holding tiles in place and applying adhesives
• Filled in spaces using plaster or putty and ensure that any leftover materials are cleaned away
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on floor laying and finishing equipment

High School Diploma