Tile Installer Resume Sample

Updated on: September 29, 2018

Tile installers perform all duties that are relevant to installing wood and ceramic tiles in both commercial and residential settings.

They cut and measure tiles to ensure that they are just right for the area that they need to be installed in and also repair or replace broken tiles. They also install decorative tiles on walls and ceilings.

The minimum education requirement for a tile installer is a high school diploma or GED, but it is crucial that he or she understands more than just the basics of this work.

When writing a resume for the position of a tile installer, it is essential to provide information about previous experiences as experience counts for much at this position.

The following is a resume sample that you may find interesting if you are writing a resume for this position.




Tile Installer Resume Example


James Cox
441 Lumley Street, Detroit, MI 839012
(999) 999-9999, Email


Reliable and hardworking Tile Installer with an 11-plus-years firsthand experience. Strong knowledge of cutting and shaping tiles around obstacles. Expert in using hand and power tools to cut and shape tiles. Practical hands-on approach to carrying out tile setting activities in conjunction with floor plans

• Adept at the installation of both ceramic and wooden tiles.
• Well versed in estimating tiles cost and labor charges.
• Highly skilled in studying blueprints and examining surfaces before beginning an installation.
• Exceptional aesthetic sense aimed at performing tile mounting activities on walls and ceilings.

• Created a mural of tiles for the World Art Exhibition help in Denver, CO in 2012.
• Finished a 7-day commercial tiling project in 5 days without compromising on quality.
• Trained five apprentices to work as tile installers in 1 year.
• Created a base budgetary information system for large-scale commercial tiling projects.


Tile Installer
ABC Construction, Detroit, MI | 2012 – Present
• Check blueprints to determine the size of tiles needed for every project.
• Cut and shape tiles according to the size of the room.
• Ensure that tiles are managed in a way that considers obstacles.
• Install tiles on floors, walls, and ceilings.
• Mount tiles using adhesives and press them firmly into place.
• Align tiles using straightedges and squares.
• Measure and mark surface before starting a project.
• Mix plaster and cement in appropriate quantities.
• Level concrete and leave to dry.
• Remove or repair damaged tiles.

Tile Installer Assistant
Inca Tiling Company
, Detroit Michigan | 2007 – 2012
• Assisted in measuring site to determine size and shape of tiles.
• Helped mix mortar and cement for application purposes.
• Washed surfaces to increase adhesive qualities.
• Cut and scribed edges of tiles for fitting purposes.
• Assisted in applying cement to the back of tiles before fitting.

High School Diploma
Detroit Public School, Detroit, MI – 2006