12 Flooring Installer Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 22, 2021

When you fail to mention your skills in a resume, you fail the applicant screening process. Skills are a huge deciding factor in who will be chosen for a job.

All employers look through the skills list on a resume before they decide that they want to call in the applicant for an interview.

Even during the interview process, there is a huge emphasis on skills, so you cannot run away from the fact that skills are the central driving force in the job application process.

How one mentions one’s skills in a resume is also of great importance. If you make a table of your most profound skills, you are merely stating the fact that you have them – you are not making an effort to tell the reader how you have the capacity to use those skills.

Anyone can claim that they are great at something but it takes a lot of effort to prove that you are competent enough to do it.

Maybe not at the very beginning, but right after the resume objective or summary, it is important to put in a list of your most weighty skills.

Using brief sentences to prove your abilities is a good way of putting your qualifications for a job forward. Here is how you can do this:

Sample Skills for Flooring Installer Resume

  1. Demonstrated ability to follow floor plans and directions to install hardwood, vinyl, and laminate floors.
  2. Proficient in planning floor installation process in accordance to set deadlines and budget constraints.
  3. Hands-on experience in installing LVT, VCT, carpet, and ceramic floors as directed by customers.
  4. Complete insight into mixing and applying required compounds to join and adhere to foundation materials.
  5. Proficient in sweeping, scraping, and cleaning base surfaces to correct imperfections in a bid to prepare worksites for flooring work.
  6. Adept at cutting coverings and foundation materials according to specifications laid out in blueprints and sketches.
  7. Competent at using a variety of hand and power tools by following strict safety measures.
  8. Hands-on experience in cutting, trimming, and shaping materials so that they align with walls.
  9. Ability to measure, cut, and install skirting along walls or baseboards.
  10. Documented success in creating and maintaining effective working relationships with vendors and suppliers in a bid to acquire materials on time.
  11. Proven record of efficiently handle repair, remodeling, and renovation work on floors, using exceptional insight of repair and maintenance work.
  12. Able to provide a neat finishing touch to installed floors by performing buffing and polishing duties.