Flooring Installer Resume Objectives

Updated on: December 20, 2015


Resume objectives are successful only if they are written career-wise. If you cannot do this, you might as well just write a professional summary. But never begin your resume without either an objective or a summary. Speaking of the former, it is extremely important to be specific. Writing generic resume objectives in which you talk about “dynamic environments” and “diverse experience” will make a prospective employer simply put your resume down and pick up the next, hoping for a more profound resume objective!

And where does that leave you? Definitely in the lurch! Resume objectives are alive and they sell. There are two main purposes of a resume objective:

• To inform the prospective employer of your abilities, competencies, skills and experiences and potential contribution to the company
• To encourage the prospective employer to read the rest of the resume in detail

If your resume objective can do both these, you have been successful in writing one that will be considered “good” by the employer! Going through a dozen or so resume objective samples will give you an idea of how one is written using the “cause and effect” method. Looking through samples is actually an excellent idea provided the objectives are written in the aforementioned “career-wise” fashion.

Since we are talking about “focused” resume objectives here, let us have a look at examples of resume objectives of a flooring installer:

Sample Objectives for Flooring Installer Resume

• Versatile, creative individual seeking a position as a Flooring Installer at Smart Flooring utilizing 6+ years’ experience in choosing and installing appropriate flooring materials for specific projects and meeting deadlines effectively.

• Looking for a Flooring Installer position at Tradesmen International. Bringing expertise in correcting defects in existing floors and installing new floors, by keeping within budget constraints and project deadlines.

• Desire a Flooring Installer position at Extra Help Inc. Offering unmatched ability to determine ideal materials and layouts for both residential and commercial projects and acquire and use materials efficiently for laying hardwood, vinyl and tiled flooring projects.

• To work for Tufco Flooring as a Flooring Installer. Offering hands-on experience in accurately measuring areas and determining materials and resources for each flooring project.

• To obtain a position as a Flooring Installer at Elite Flooring Plus. Geared to provide suggestions to replace or repair old floors using innovative design ideas and install new floors according to customers’ specific instructions

• Seeking a Flooring Installer position at Advanced Flooring and Design. Offering exceptional insight into handling large flooring projects for both residential and commercial buildings, with special focus on quality of work.