Floor Installer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 20, 2015

If you depend on samples entirely to help you write a cover letter, your success will be marred. But if you know just how far a cover letter sample actually helps and how much your own effort counts, success will be at your doorstep. A cover letter is a window into an applicant’s mindset. So a sample of the Internet isn’t going to do you much good. Even if you do end up being selected for the position, it will soon be discovered that you are not the same person who wrote the cover letter which got you the job!

Floor installer cover letter samples are great resources but they need to be used carefully. If you come across one that is promising, by all means use it. But do not copy and paste information from it. With hundreds of plagiarism services out there, you will be caught in a second. Change the words around and incorporate your own language and you are good to go.

With cover letters, it is important to be absolutely clear in what you want to say. Talking about your dreams won’t do – talking about your big plans for the company’s success will. It is all in the way you write! Make your cover letter interesting to read and you will have a fan following aka the employers!

Get going! But make sure that you use your own words when following the cover letter sample below:

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Floor Installer Cover Letter Sample


Colin Veloso
33 North 7th Street
Salem, NH 51020
(000) 525-4511
Colin @ email . com

December 20, 2015

Mr. Ernest Banks
Hiring Manager
Tufco Flooring Inc.
999 Hoover Road
Salem, NH 55254


Dear Mr. Banks:

Have you had the opportunity to visit The Hyatt on Chestnut Avenue? I am the man behind the elaborate flooring of the hotel. As one of my recently finished projects, I am proud to declare that the entire flooring design was solely decided by me, with constant approval at every step!

If you look through the enclosures (my resume and professional profile pack), you will notice that I have worked on flooring projects for many large establishments, including Park Lane and Fredrickson College. With an inherent ability to creatively design and install floors using different mediums such as hardwood, tiles, vinyl flooring and laminate, I have seldom had to use outside designing assistance.

My work is neat as I put in a lot of effort post installation, which includes thorough cleaning and polishing of installed floors. Concentrating on quality, I have always worked with the best suppliers in the state and I am mindful of “discounted deals”.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you in person to demonstrate my insights into floor installation processes. I will call your office next Wednesday to ask for a convenient time slot when we can meet. Until then, you can reach me at (000) 525-4511.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Colin Veloso

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