Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2018

You want a Veterinary Receptionist job; you have to create a resume! There is no getting out of this.

And since there isn’t, let’s look through the following resume sample for assistance:




Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample


Jessie Manor
199 Bail Road, Homer, AK12902
(000) 999-9999


15+ years’ extensive experience in handling the frontend of busy veterinary clinics. Competent in managing patient inflow, and providing clerical and administrative assistance. Ability to schedule appointments, prepare medical records, and ensure that they are properly stored. Works well without supervision in a team-oriented environment. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Individually managed 200 appointments in one day, owing to a particularly busy day at work.
• Streamlined the practice’s records and documents, which were otherwise being managed haphazardly.
• Implemented a new inventory system for pet clinic supplies, which provided dynamic low stock alarms.
• Introduced an efficient pet/patient scheduling system, replacing the old inefficient one.


– Tier 1 Support – Patient Flow Management – Scheduling
– Follow-up – Emergency Handling – Records Management
– Data Collection – Data Entry – Homecare Education
– Form Filling – Inventory Control – Pet Care


Veterinary Receptionist
Pet Care, Homer, AK             2011-present
• Greet pet owners and pets as they arrive at the facility, and inquire into their reason of visit.
• Engage pets in banter to develop familiarity with them, and to make them comfortable with the environment.
• Schedule pets for consultations, and ensure that proper follow-up is provided.
• Perform intake activities to acquire information about pets and their owners, and record data properly.
• Assist pet owners in filling out forms, and provide them with information on vet’s rates.
• Manage pet / patient inflow in an organized manner, ensuring that emergencies are given priority.
• Oversee inventory of supplies required for pet clinic or facility, and communicate low stock situations to the appropriate personnel.
• Ensure the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the reception area, ensuring that any spills are immediately seen to.

Veterinary Receptionist
Pets and Vets, Homer, AK             2003-2011
• Assisted in managing patient inflow by following schedules for time slots.
• Ensured that all pets waiting for their turns are made comfortable with the environment.
• Provided support to pet owners in filling out intake forms, and acquired pet documentation from them.
• Performed data entry procedures to ensure that all pet information is punched into the system.
• Oversaw the cleanliness of reception and waiting areas, by creating and maintaining liaison with cleaning staff.

High School Diploma
Homer High School, Homer, AK