Bricklayer Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: July 25, 2020

Where construction work is concerned, you cannot bag a job without being a skilled individual. But skills are not only important in the construction arena. Every job that you apply for will require a certain amount of skill from you.

Even if you are at the very top of an organizational hierarchy, how skilled you are will eventually decide if you are worth the employer’s time and resources or not.

One advice: your resume should be full of your skills and qualifications. The minute a hiring manager sees a skills list in a resume, he is forced to call the candidate in for an interview. And that is all the chance that you need to impress him or her with what you can do.

There is very little chance that a bricklayer resume without a skills section will make a hiring manager happy. If you have it in you, you need to flaunt it in a resume. That’s the rule!

Bricklayer skills and qualifications are not easy to articulate in writing but it has to be done. Unless you get a chance to actually show the hiring manager how absolutely amazing you are, you cannot expect to impress him or her.

For a bricklayer position, the following list of skills and qualifications can be used in your resume:

Sample Skills for Bricklayer Resume

• Track record of laying building materials such as bricks and structural tiles to construct or repair walls, partitions, and arches.

• Highly experienced in measuring distances from reference points and marking appropriate guidelines.

• Exceptionally talented in creating mortar using cement machines and spreading mortar on surfaces to serve as a bed and binder for blocks.

• Ability to perform dedicated activities to remove excess mortar from surfaces in a safe manner.

• Deep insight into breaking and shaping bricks to ensure that they fit in properly.

• Demonstrated expertise in fastening bricks to faces of structures using time wires.

• Hands-on experience in applying plaster to walls and ceilings as part of both repair and construction work.

• Proficient in clearing work areas before and after each project to ensure the safety of space for workers.

• Adept at taking measures to ensure that bricks are properly layered and aligned according to instructions and construction plans.

• Proven ability to use and maintain a wide variety of hand and power tools such as trowels and hammers.

• Well-versed in reading blueprints and complicated construction plans to determine the range and type of activities and materials required for each assigned project.

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