Computer Hardware Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: November 3, 2022

Resumes that define an applicant’s true abilities are not easy to write, despite hiring managers clearly articulating in job ads that they must be highlighted.

Often, resumes that do not follow the set of instructions provided by hiring managers are given a miss, creating a gap that is difficult to fulfill.


The candidate may have been an excellent one but just because he failed to follow instructions, the hiring manager may deem him an inappropriate choice.

The following resume sample is written based on basic/standard instructions provided by most hiring managers:

Computer Hardware Technician Resume Example

Christian Nolan
4003 Park Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07452
(000) 999-1254
christnolan @ email . com


Professional Summary
A+ certified computer hardware technician with 8+ years of hands-on experience in building and installing hardware and software on servers, PCs, and laptops. Efficiently diagnosed and troubleshoot computer hardware and software problems and handled hardware failure. Excellent analytic skills aimed at resolving hardware issues that may not have a visibly clear solution. Advanced knowledge of computer systems and components, networking, switches, raid controllers, and hardware/software testing. An excellent communicator who is competent at multi-tasking in a fast-paced and busy environment.

• Systems Testing • Troubleshooting
• Mainframe and LDAP • Preventative Maintenance
• Virus Control/Prevention • Security Measures Setup
• Error Detection • Cable Installation
• Data Recovery • Hardware Upgrades

• Troubleshoot a hardware problem that had been in limbo for 2 months and was causing system crashes.
• Recovered 8 TB of crashed data from the main server, resulting in saving the company from losing important client information.
• Introduced the concept of installing backup device hardware, which automatically backed up data 3 times in 24 hours.
• Upgraded the company’s WAN to the latest technology with 0 downtimes, within 5 working days.


Computer Hardware Technician 
8/2013 – Present
Atipa Technologies, Paterson, NJ
• Install computer hardware and software according to the specific requirements of each user.
• Set up auxiliary hardware equipment such as printers, scanners, and fax machines.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on computer systems and networks to ensure that they work optimally.
• Install the software on servers, PCs, and laptops and ensure that it is properly configured.

Computer Hardware Technician
2/2010 – 8/2013
EAF LLC, Paterson, NJ
• Set up computer security measures (both hardware and software) to ensure that any internal or external threats are warded off.
• Configured computer networks such as LANs and WANs and add any required components to make information flow more profound.
• Offered technical support over the telephone or through user-generated tickets.
• Tested systems to make sure that they are working optimally.
• Ensured that any need for up-gradation is fulfilled on an immediate basis.

Technical Assistant
 5/2008 – 2/2010
Samrtech, Paterson, NJ
• Installed hardware and software on users’ computers and provided them with information on how to use it
• Assisted in troubleshooting problems with both hardware and software by ensuring minimum downtime
• Performed maintenance on hardware components to ensure that they are kept dust-free and in proper working order
• Assembled hardware for both standalone computers and those on the network and ensured that all software components are in sync with hardware constituents
• Ascertained appropriate installation of cables, operating systems, and software and observed system functioning on a regular basis

A + Certification – 2008
Technical Institute of America, Paterson, NJ

High School Diploma – 2007
Community School, Paterson, NJ