Outpatient Coder Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 2, 2021
Outpatient Coder Job Description

Outpatient coders are actually medical coders who assign medical codes to procedures and services for patients in an outpatient department of a hospital or medical facility.

They may work in outpatient wards in general or specialty hospitals, depending on their specific roles.

Where regular medical coders perform coding services for every day a patient stays in a medical facility, outpatient coders usually assign codes to specific procedures and services that were performed during patient appointments.

Before you begin constructing your resume to apply for an outpatient coder position, make sure that you understand what the position entails. The following list of duties are particular to an outpatient coder’s position:

Job Duties for Outpatient Coder Resume

• Assess the accuracy and completeness of all information provided in doctors’ notes.

• Ensure that final diagnosis and procedures documented by physicians are valid and complete.

• Reconcile multiple surgical schedules to ensure that complete charge is captured.

• Analyze provider documentation to ensure that appropriate evaluation and management levels are assigned.

• Assign codes for procedures, services, and diagnosis by following set classification systems.

• Identify chargeable services/items for outpatient and emergency department visits and ensure that all charges are accurately billed into the system.

• Code and post both office and facility procedures including professional and hospital fees and accurately assign CPT and ICD codes to them.

• Analyze provider documentation to ensure that appropriate codes are assigned.

• Check all punched in information to ensure that it is properly and accurately written.

• Respond to requests for information extraction after verifying requester’s eligibility.

• Maintain current information/knowledge regarding coding principles and guidelines.

• Handle registration and utilization review processes and facilitate necessary process changes.

• Apply transfer rules for correct discharge disposition of medical records in accordance with established procedures.

• Review charts and medical documents and ensure that appropriate codes are assigned to each data element.

• Handle any discrepancies in punched in data in a prompt manner, making sure that it is reconciled in a quick manner.

Outpatient Coder Job Description: Education Requirement

Most medical facilities require an outpatient coder to possess a high school diploma or GED in addition to being familiar with medical coding software. Some employers may even require outpatient coders to acquire a certification.

Outpatient Coder Skills and Abilities

Proficiency in assigning accurate medical codes for diagnosis, procedures, and services and knowledge of coding rules and regulations are prerequisites of this job.

Additionally, people working as outpatient coders need to be well-versed in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology so that they can easily comprehend any discrepancies in data and correct them while they are coding information.