Inpatient Coder Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 27, 2015


Correct use of grammar and punctuation in a cover letter makes a huge difference in how the hiring authority perceives you as a candidate. Make one mistake such as a missing comma or full stop and you can say goodbye to your chances of a working with the company. Good communication skills are fundamentally important to all employers because everything is based on communication. Whether you are working as a mechanic or a therapist, if you cannot communicate properly, chances are that you may not be hired.

When you finish writing your cover letter, do not just give it a once-over. Give it a twice or a thrice-over so that anything that you may have left in the first or the second time, gets sorted out in the third round. Better still, ask a friend to proofread it for you. Also analyze the tone of your cover letter. Does it sound professional enough? Is it too formal? Will it be considered not formal enough? Do I sound desperate to obtain a job? Am I too aloof? Yes, ask yourself all these questions before you send your cover letter off. Self-checking is the best way of making sure that you do not send something that is not worthy the employer’s time.

To take ideas on how to write compelling cover letter content, take a look at the following cover letter sample for an inpatient coder resume:


Inpatient Coder Cover Letter Sample


Andrew Day
54 Beach Street
Falls Church, VA 12102
(222) 222-2222
Andrew @ email . com

October 27, 2015

Mr. Mathew Howard
Hiring Manager
1902 Apex Drive
Falls Church, VA 12283


Dear Mr. Howard:

By slowly and surely making my way up from an outpatient coder to an inpatient coder, I have learnt the ropes with precision and by employing extreme hard work. The volume of my work has doubled since the time I was working as an outpatient coder but then so has the satisfaction of getting my work done correctly and on time.

If provided with an opportunity to work as an inpatient coder at Lifespan, I will be able to provide you with the following in benefits:

• Hands-on expertise in utilizing technical coding principles to assign appropriate ICD-9-CM diagnosis and procedures
• Qualified to identify HAC (non-payment conditions) and report them through established procedures
• Highly skilled in extracting required information from source documents and entering it correctly and quickly into prescribed encoding systems

I can provide you with further details of my expertise as an inpatient coder when we meet in person. I will contact your office after 5 days to follow-up and can be reached at (222) 222-2222. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Andrew Day

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