An objective statement for a nursing assistant resume communicate your enthusiasm to your prospective employer in the first glance. A well-written and targeted objective statement quickly tells the reader about your strengths and how you will be an effective addition in their facility.

Since a resume objective is the foremost statement seen by employers, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that it holds prudent information. A nursing assistant’s resume objective may include specific information regarding his or her training and skills within the profession.

Here are a some useful objectives examples for nursing assistant resume.


Nursing Assistant Resume Objectives Examples

• Energetic Nursing Assistant seeking a position at Tupelo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Offers compassionate nature, CNA certification and training, and exceptional communication skills to provide the highest level of care.

• A position as a Certified Nursing Assistant position with Parkview Huntington Hospital utilizing exceptional skills in providing assistance in ADLs assistance in addition to effective interpersonal abilities.

• Driven and energized professional looking for a position as a Nursing Assistant with the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. Bringing track record of success assisting residents and providing them with exceptional care.

• Seeking a position as a Nursing Assistant with Family Health Care providing direct and indirect patient care in an emotionally demanding but rewarding environment.

• To obtain a Geriatric Nursing Assistant position at healthcare facility where a CNA certification and good skills in providing patient care will be fully utilized.

• To work for Sava Health as a Nursing Assistant. Eager to apply and promote the standards of nursing assistance to strengthen the facility’s operations.

• Desire a challenging position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a prestigious nursing home using current CNA certification as well as strong skills in providing assistance in ADLs.

• Exceptionally talented Nursing Assistant seeking a position at AAD Healthcare. Eager to represent the facility professionally by providing the highest level of comfort and care to residents.

All the above objectives have one thing in common; they are all patient-care oriented. It is important to mention and focus on what is most important in a profession when writing a resume objective. A vague resume objective will make the employer think that the candidate is not aware of his or her responsibilities or lacks the required skills to do this job. Remember that a resume objective is the first thing an employer sees when reading a resume and is therefore the most important part of one.