How to Make a Nurse Aide Cover Letter?

Updated on: June 16, 2019

Writing a cover letter that grabs the attention of an employer can be slightly intimidating. However, it does not have to be intimidating if you know what it is that will “sell” in a cover letter.

Cover letters for the nursing aide position are all about portraying your abilities to perform a series of tasks in a few paragraphs.


The language that you use in a cover letter must be extremely professional and effective – the point is to force the reader to pick up the accompanying resume.

Before we begin writing a cover letter, we need to determine what it is that an employer looks for when reading one.

• Job-related skills tailored from a particular job description.
• Absolute clarity – position applied for and source of information regarding vacancy announcement.
• Resume detailing – but not too much since a resume is always enclosed with a cover letter.
• Personal value – mention of job-related skills and accomplishments.

Once you have all this in order, nothing can stop you from writing a rocking cover letter!


Let us take the example of a cover letter for a nurse aide’s position and see what needs to be written in it to ensure that an employer’s interest is piqued.

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First Paragraph (Introduction)

Begin your cover letter by mentioning a source – so if you are responding to a newspaper advertisement, specify the information here.

Give a brief outline of why you believe that you will be a great addition to the facility in your role as a nurse aide.

Second Paragraph (Main Body)

Once you are done with the introduction, you will need to delve into some details of your nursing career and knowledge.

The second paragraph is your platform for providing information on your skills and accomplishments.

While you do not necessarily need to go into too much detail (remember that you have limited space to write), you must provide information of your credentials and certifications – mention of a BLS (Basic Life Support) certification is sure to pique the reader’s interest.

Use of power words and phrases such as “optimum bedside manner,” “inherent empathy,” “strong work ethics” and “exceptional ability to provide non-medical patient care” can do wonders for your cover letter.

Since this is a position of extreme responsibility, cover letters for this position need to show courage, empathy, and enthusiasm.

Last Paragraph

As with all other cover letters, the last paragraph of a cover letter written for the position of a nurse aide is also crucial.

Since you are now ending your cover letter, you need to provide contact information and availability so that the employer can reach you.

If you are already employed, you will need to write down what is a suitable time for you to receive calls or appear for an interview.

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