Entry Level Home Health Aide Resume No Experience

Updated on: May 19, 2021

Congratulations! You are ready to apply for your very first home health aide job. But, is your resume and cover letter ready to beat the competition?

After viewing the following tips and example, you will be able to write an entry level HHA resume that is complete, concise, and a joy to read!

How to Write a Winning Resume for Entry Level Home Health Aide Position?

1. Start With a Summary or Objective Statement

Don’t try to start your resume abruptly. Use an HHA Objective or summary statement to start it professionally.

2. Give Details about Your Education & Certifications

Give details of your education and certifications that qualify you. Mention them right after your resume summary or objective statement.

3. Highlight your Skills and Qualifications

Before writing your resume, make a list of your relevant home health aide skills and qualifications. Then see the job description closely and write your relevant skills accordingly.

4. Include Volunteer Work and Internships

If you have some volunteer, honorary or internship experience, do mention it. Provide details of your relevant responsibilities using bullet points.

5. Don’t Lie

When you are writing your first resume, it is easy to exaggerate a little bit. Don’t do that. Tell the truth about your skills and qualifications.

Sample Resume for Entry Level Home Health Aide HHA With No Experience

Anna Silva
653 E 200 N, Albion, IN 53413
(000) 235-3232
annasilva @ email .com

A quiet achiever

Calm and focused home health aide seeking employment at ABC. Bringing exceptional enthusiasm aimed at providing compassionate support to people who have trouble handling their daily needs. Excellent communication and organizational skills with an eagerness to meet new challenges.

Indiana State Certified Nursing Assistant

HHA Training
Technical College, Albion, IN 

High School Diploma

• Proficient in monitoring patients’ conditions by observing their physical and emotional conditions.
• Well-versed in assisting patients in caring for themselves by providing physical support.
• Documented success in eliciting patient education in a bid to help them understand and accept their conditions.
• Unmatched ability to maintain a safe, secure, and healthy patient environment by following facility standards and protocols.


Patient Care Volunteer
(2/2021 – 5/2021)
• Provided personal care services such as assistance with bathing, grooming, toileting, and changing.
• Assisted patients in taking charge of their lives by helping them with ambulation.
• Administered medication prescribed by doctors by following a set schedule.
• Prepared and fed nutritious food to patients, in accordance with their dietary plans.
• Observed patients’ conditions and reported deteriorations or improvements immediately.
• Documented care provision and managed the patients’ records in a secure and confidential manner.

• Health Promotion • Emotional Assistance
• Healthcare Administration • Records Management
• Physical Therapy  • Medication Administration
• Ambulation Assistance • Hygiene Services