Top 37 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated: February 7, 2023

Are you thinking to write a perfect resume to apply for a CNA position?

If yes, then consider adding an objective statement to your resume in order to get the recruiter’s attention quickly.

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) resume objective is a short statement that clearly outlines a job seeker’s skills and passion to work for a specific employer. Also, this statement tells the recruiter how you can contribute to their success.

How to Write a Great Objective Statement for a CNA Resume?

The following 5 tips will help you write an excellent objective statement for a nursing assistant resume:

  1. Carefully research the needs of the employer by reading the CNA job description in detail.
  2. Tailor the objective statement according to the needs of the employer.
  3. Be clear about obtaining the nursing assistant job with a specific employer.
  4. Write 2-3 sentences containing information about your skills and experience.
  5. Show your enthusiasm to work for the employer and what you can do for the employer if hired.
  6. Keep the objective statement to the point.
A CNA objective statement is the key section of your resume.

It must be remembered that your objective should tell the recruiter what you can do for the employer rather than what you are expecting.

Seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Houston Healthcare where I will be able to develop and polish my nursing skills.

Compassionate and driven Certified Nursing Assistant seeking emplyment at Houston Healthcare where I will be able to use my skills to actively help residents in the activities of daily living.

The following 37 sample objectives statements will help you with building an excellent objective for a CNA resume.

Experienced CNA Resume Objective Examples


1. Detail-oriented Certified Nursing Assistant with 7+ years of experience in providing individual support services in busy hospital settings. Eager to achieve the highest level of care standards and increase positive reviews at ABC Hospital by helping residents, patients, and clients with daily personal care needs.

2. Top-performing Certified Nursing Assistant with over 5 years of experience in providing personal care to residents. Enthusiastic to actively assist residents and patients in activities of daily living at Sava Healthcare.

3. Poised to obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Oklahoma Hospital where my nursing and ADL assisting skills will be used to provide exceptional individualized care to patients.

4. A position as Certified Nursing Assistant with Parkview Huntington Hospital. Passionate to leverage my first-hand nursing experience to assist patients and residents with the activities of daily living. Effective interpersonal and communication skills. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

5. Competent and disciplined Certified Nursing Assistant with 4+ years of experience working in busy hospital settings. Ambitious to ensure the residents’ physical and emotional well-being by providing them with exceptional personal care at Craig Medical.

Assisted Living

6. Self-motivated and exceptionally talented nursing assistant, poised to contribute to ABC Senior Home. Bringing the ability to observe patients’ conditions, as well as a passion for helping others, to deliver exceptional care to residents.

7. Looking for a CNA position at The Bridgeport Assisted Living, utilizing 7+ years of hands-on experience in delivering high-quality personal care to attain the highest level of residents’ safety and comfort.

8. Compassionate and friendly certified Nursing Assistant eager to work for ABC Assisted Living. Bringing 5+ years of experience in offering patients and residents personal care to enable them to live a dignified life. BLS Certified.

9. Seeking a certified nursing assistant position at ABC Senior Care. Excited to assist residents with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and toileting. Exceptional communication skills with a compassionate nature.


10. Dependable and hardworking nursing assistant seeking employment at Edgewood Clinic as a Certified Nursing Assistant where I will be able to provide dedicated and round-the-clock care to patients and residents.

11. Seeking a position as a Nursing Assistant with Family Health Care. Offering expertise in providing direct and indirect personal care to help patients and residents live dignified life.

12. To work for Sava Health as a Nursing Assistant. Eager to apply and promote the standards of nursing assistance to strengthen the facility’s operations by using my personal care and communication skills.

Home Care and Private Home

13. Patient service-oriented and compassionate CNA seeking employment at Clover Home Care. Bringing 4 years of hands-on experience in providing excellent personal care services to assist clients with daily needs in the most effective way.

14. Looking for a position as a CNA at ABC Home Care. Enthusiastic to leverage my 8+ years of experience in assisting patients in ADLs, infection control, and emergency procedure to bring a difference in the lives of older adults.

Long-Term Care

15. Compassionate CNA with 9+ years of experience in assisted living, memory care, and long-term care facilities. Eager to ensure that residents’ needs of daily living are met at Greenfield Community by providing exceptional personal assistance.

16. Driven Certified Nursing Assistant, with full of energy and enthusiasm. Poised to contribute to ABC Healthcare by providing excellent care to residents and patients.

17. To work for Uniontown Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Bringing expertise in the provision of patient care and daily operation of the nursing unit. CPR and BLS Certified. Bilingual: English and Spanish.


18. Energetic and driven Nursing Assistant seeking a position at Tupelo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Offers compassionate nature, CNA certification and training, and exceptional communication skills to provide the highest level of care and assist patients in the rehabilitation process.

19. Compassionate and energized nursing professional looking for a position as a Nursing Assistant at the Bakersfield Rehab. Bringing a track record of success in assisting patients to provide them with exceptional rehabilitation care.

Nursing Home

20. To obtain a Geriatric Nursing Assistant position at ABC Nursing Home where my CNA certification and functional skills in providing personal care will be fully utilized.

21. To obtain a challenging position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at AA Nursing Home, using my current CNA certification and strong skills in assisting with ADLs to meet and exceed the personal care standards.

22. Exceptionally talented Nursing Assistant seeking a position at AAD Nursing Home. Eager to represent the facility professionally by providing the highest level of comfort and care to residents.

Entry Level CNA Objectives With No Experience

23. Compassionate and personable nursing professional, looking for a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Lakeridge Hospital. Bringing CNA certification, and a high degree of enthusiasm and energy to contribute to the well-being of residents. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

24. Seeking an entry-level position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Nashville Hospital. Offers current CNA certifications and knowledge of assisting residents in the activities of daily living to help them live a dignified life. First Aid and CPR Certified.

25. To work as a nursing assistant for the well-being of residents at Green Care. Offering empathy, compassion, and a strong desire to help others, intending to maintain patients’ hygiene while supporting them in performing daily activities in a dignified manner.

26. New certified nursing assistant eager to work for Telsa Clinic. Making the most of exceptional personal care skills to achieve the highest level of patient care. Great companionship and housekeeping abilities.

27. To work for Cloverleaf Hospital in the capacity of a Nursing Assistant. Ability to maintain the comfort of patients and residents by assisting them in the activities of daily living. Special talent for preparing meals and running errands.

28. Compassionate and proactive nursing assistant with current CNA certification, and knowledge of assisting healthcare professionals with basic personal care tasks. Excited to work for ABC Healthcare.

29. Dependable Certified Nursing Assistant eager to work in busy healthcare or hospice setting. Seeking to leverage excellent knowledge of assisting with providing high-quality resident care. Ability to stay calm under pressure. 

30. Fresh and energetic CNA with current training and certification seeking a position at ABC Assisted Living to bring extra energy to work every day. Able to set expectations and drive accountability. 

31. To obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Delta Healthcare. Offering a current CNA certification and hands-on exposure to nursing care through a CNA internship to provide the best possible care to patients.

32. Compassionate and driven nursing assistant seeking to work with ABC Hospital’s nursing team. Offering excellent personal care knowledge to provide residents with assistance in the activities of daily living.

33. Certified Nursing Assistant with current NY State licensure and in-depth knowledge of providing personal care to patients. Seeking employment at Aetna Care.

34. Detail-oriented and reliable graduate nursing assistant, poised to contribute to Cloverleaf Senior Living by using my skills in serving meals, assisting with ADLs, providing bedside care, and helping in positioning.

35. To work as a Certified Nursing Assistant for The Regional Medical Center. Bringing knowledge of taking and recording vitals and the ability to assist residents in ADLs to deliver personal care in an efficient manner.

36. To contribute to North Mississippi Medical Center in the capacity of a Certified Nursing Assistant, using skills in providing one-on-one care to the assigned patients and residents by following care plans.

37. Seeking a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Augusta Health. Highly enthusiastic to assist patients with daily living activities. Ability to work under pressure in a high-volume medical setting.

Final Thought

As can be seen above, all the objectives have one thing in common; that is, they are all patient-care-oriented.

The objective statement develops the interest of the recruiter and persuades them to read the rest of your resume.

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