Post Office Clerk Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: September 27, 2015

Through dedicated sections in our resumes, we intend to provide hiring managers with information on what we can offer to them in terms of skills, experience and accomplishments. Each section has something concrete to say. Skills and experience sections are usually considered a “given” but what we sometimes ignore is the accomplishments section. This section is considered extremely important as it has the capacity to provide hiring managers with exact information about what a candidate is capable of.

When we talk about skills and experience, we are providing hiring managers with information that they may not really be able to verify. For this, they will just have to take your word for it. However, accomplishments can be verified. Hiring managers may call up an old employer and find out if you have actually achieved as much as you say that you have in a resume. This is why they prefer resumes that boast of an accomplishments section.

It is sometimes difficult to separate experiences from accomplishments and we often end up using them interchangeably. Not done. A hiring manager will know what you accomplishments are and what can be deemed as mere responsibilities. How do you separate them?

An accomplishments is something that you have achieved through working diligently on something.

A responsibility is something that you handle on a typical work day.

Let us provide you with some sample accomplishments for a post office clerk resume to help you understand this in a better manner:

Post Office Clerk Accomplishments for Resume

• Conducted a series of seminars and educational workshops on the importance of proper mail handling

• Implemented a system that automatically stamped envelopes and packages according to their weight and size, thereby reducing stamping time by 60%

• Introduced an automated weight calculation system which provided instant alerts in cases of extra weight

• Uncovered a huge drug smuggling plan by employing good judgment and opening a package containing 100 grams of opium.

• Reorganized the mail sorting system which resulted in increased mail distribution efficiency

• Created a complaint cell to address the grievances regarding mail theft and lost or damaged mail

• Introduced a postage cancellation device which reduced cancellation time by 50%

• Implemented the bulletin board system to display government announcements which decreased the pressure placed on post office clerks

• Trained 32 post office clerks in effectively, carefully and confidentially handling incoming and outgoing mail

• Increased revenue by 33% by suggesting introduction of a money order system

• Suggested implementation of an online contact information system which reduced overheads by 60%