Hospital Unit Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2016


Every resume has built-in problems that one cannot do anything about. No resume is ever perfect. If you want to aim for a resume that a hiring manager will like, aim for near-perfection.

An all-purpose resume never works. What you have to do to come in the limelight is to create a resume that is fully customized and relevant.

The following sample will help you build or update your resume for hospital unit clerk position.


Hospital Unit Clerk Resume Sample


Henry Jacobs

702 Saint Mary Drive ● Covington, LA 55602 ● (000) 142-7414 ● henjac @ email . com


Performance Summary: Highly determined and resourceful individual, with an exceptional ability to work alongside nurses and doctors. Adept at documenting patient care services by taking and following instructions accurately.

• Demonstrated ability to provide support to medical teams with emergency calls and clinical communications
• Highly experienced in responding to emergency codes by executing appropriate protocols and utilizing necessary resources
• Proficient in preparing and maintaining patient medical records on the clinical unit, along with managing discharge processes
• Deep insight into conserving unit resources by using equipment and supplies and keeping appropriate records


• Emergency Codes Handling • Medical Records Management
• Patient Census Compilation • Unit Supplies Inventory
• Record-keeping • Paperwork Management
• Customer Service • Information Flow Management
• Discharge Processes Management • First-tier Patient Assistance
• Appointment Scheduling • Clerical Support


Hospital Unit Clerk | 11/2011 – Present
Rady Children’s Hospital, Covington, LA

• Successfully resuscitate a patient who had a stroke, by providing him with immediate CPR, in the absence of medical staff
• Implement a dynamic transcription procedure which reduced actual transcribing time by 65%
• Maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of patients’ health records by following designated procedures
• Manage paperwork including patient history forms and admission and discharge documents
• Perform reception duties by greeting patients and families and providing them with necessary support and information
• Order supplies for the unit, including hospital equipment, by creating and maintaining effective liaison with vendors

Hospital Unit Clerk | 8/2007 – 11/2011
City Hospital, Covington, LA

• Compiled patient census information (3697 records) within the given timeline of 48 hours
• Streamlined the patient discharge process by implementing a series of procedures to make the process less cumbersome
• Scheduled patients’ appointments over the telephone and in person and ensure that appropriate follow-up is made
• Performed transcription for medicines, laboratory tests and physicians’ orders
• Assisted in providing direct patient care by attending to patients under the supervision of a nurse
• Provided support in transporting patients to therapy rooms or for appointments and surgeries

Hospital Aide | 8/2005 – 8/2007
Northwest Hospital, Covington, LA

• Greeted patients and visitors as they arrived at the hospital reception and provided them with required information
• Assisted patients in filling out admission forms and obtained and processed insurance information
• Scheduled appointments over the telephone and in person, by first determining doctors’ schedules
• Oversaw the general cleanliness, maintenance and sanitation of all areas within the assigned unit
• Assisted nurses and PCTs with providing direct patient care such as bathing, washing, toileting and grooming

Covington High School, Covington, LA – 2004
High School Diploma