11 Machine Operator Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: January 13, 2022
What is an accomplishment?

Anything that you did in the past that had a tangible positive effect on your company is an accomplishment.

You must never forget that accomplishments make you a better choice to hire by employers who look for people who can contribute immediately.

If you add some accomplishments to your machine operator resume, it will give more weight to your resume.

Here are a few accomplishments that you can go through to get an idea of how to write your own:

Sample Accomplishments for Machine Operator Resume

  1. Implemented an automated system which reduced the calibration time by 20%.
  2. Successfully met a tight deadline of 24 hours for production of 150,000 cans of soup.
  3. Introduced preventative maintenance initiatives which increased machine life by 75%.
  4. Singlehandedly identified and fixed a machine flaw which had been in limbo for over 3 weeks.
  5. Averted a possible serious accident by recognizing early signs of machine malfunction and alerting the supervisor just in time.
  6. Trained 10 newly hired apprentices in using and maintaining high speed machinery and tools, including calipers and micrometers.
  7. Wrote a manual on machine operations and maintenance which is now being used as the basic training document for newly hired machine operators.
  8. Developed and implemented safety rules and regulations which reduced on site accidents and injuries by a staggering 95%.
  9. Successfully reinstated an old machine by effectively restoring it, saving the company $10,000 in buying a new unit.
  10. Replaced old technology production machines with more energy efficient ones, reducing electricity bills by 80%.
  11. Maintained constant quality of production processes by conducting periodic quality checks and verifying end products through a systemized method.