Desk Clerk Qualifications and Skills

Updated on: June 24, 2019

Identifying the skills and qualifications for a front desk clerk resume is the most challenging task, even if you have many years of experience in this field.



The following phrases are designed to help you write your skills and qualifications for your resume.

These sample statements start with action verbs, which will give more weight to your resume.




Desk Clerk Qualifications and Skills

• Proficient in greeting guests warmly as they arrive

• Able to manage the registration process

• Competent at facilitating guest check-ins and check-outs appropriately and efficiently

• Highly skilled in anticipating guests’ requirements and respond quickly and acknowledge all guests

• In-depth knowledge of verifying registration card information with the guest

• Demonstrated ability to answer the telephone using the correct greeting and telephone etiquette

• Hands-on experience in communicating important guest information to designated departments and employees

• Knowledge of obtaining backup information for guest credit/payment method and enter it into the system

• Ability to collect cash and arrange change when required

• Track record of maintaining positive guest relations at all times

• Proven record of resolving guest complaints and ensuring guest satisfaction

• Able to maintain complete knowledge of services, rates, and activities at all times

• Proven ability to direct Bell Person to accompany guest and transfer their luggage to the room

• Thorough understanding to resolve discrepancies in the room status report with Housekeeping

• Comprehensive knowledge of processing adjustment vouchers, paid-outs, correction vouchers, and miscellaneous charges

• Able to ensure that common areas and hallways are free of safety hazards

• Exceptional talent for maintaining security inside and outside of the building

• Known for responding promptly and appropriately to emergencies

• Able to maintain resident confidentiality at all times

• Working knowledge of postage machine, Federal Express, and UPS

• Exceptional communication; verbal and written skills

• Quick learner

• Planning and organization

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Professional appearance and courteous manner

• Computer: MS Word for Windows and Excel

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