College Student Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 17, 2022

Position Overview

A college student worker is an individual who provides first-line assistance to both new and existing students.

He or she is hired primarily from within the college because existing students know the inner workings of the college office (to a great extent) and need minimal training.

Sometimes, a college student who is currently enrolled may be hired to perform these services.


Typically, a college degree (midway or completed) is the main prerequisite for hiring a college student worker, especially when hiring from an external source.

Skills & Abilities

In addition to the academic part of this work, it is necessary for a person aspiring to work as a college student to be resourceful and energetic, with a great ability to work well with people from different backgrounds.

Besides that, a college student’s work has to be pleasant and patient, as he or she may come across a lot of situations where both these will need to be applied.

Strong knowledge of college admission systems and processes, and exceptional ability to provide information on both internal and external student financial aid are also important.

Also, it is imperative for college student workers to be able to handle correspondence and data entry work.

If this is the career line that you want to pick up, have a look at the following list of duties particular to the position of a college student worker:

Sample Job Description for College Student Worker Resume

• Greet students and their parents and guardians as they arrive at the college administrative office or the front desk.

• Inquire politely about their purpose of visit and provide them with detailed answers on the information that they require.

• Assist new students in understanding and navigating the admission procedure, providing them with detailed information on processes and expectation.

• Provide support in filling out admissions forms and informing students about required documents.

• Enter all form information into the college’s database, checking the information for accuracy, and ensuring its integrity throughout.

• Handle college correspondence such as letters, memos, and student communication by following established protocols.

• Provide the school office with clerical support such as copying and scanning documents and handling typing work.

• Assist in setting up and breaking down events such as annual days, plays, and open houses.

• Provide assistance in the college library, ensuring that all resources and books are in check and placed appropriately.

• Oversee college office supplies inventory, ensuring that any items low in stock are acquired in a timely manner.