Clerks work in a number of capacities, but, no matter which industry they work for, they are required to perform the same tasks with a little variation depending on the setting such as accounting, payroll, data entry, information, administrative, HR and alike. In general, clerks provide administrative and other support duties to an office by assisting with activities pertinent to human resources, accounting and basic bookkeeping. They are expected to type documents, take telephone calls, handle emails and other correspondence and supervise and order office supplies.

There are some duties associated with a clerk’s job; they may be expected to handle administrative issues, provide basic support to supervisors and executives and manage other related duties that help an office work efficiently. In some establishments, clerks are required to work as a first point of contact by greeting clients and visitors and providing them with relevant information. In a medical facility, a clerk take patient information and manage records appropriately along with ensuring that all documents provided by the patient are in order.

Clerks are also required to perform photocopying duties, tabulating, posting information and providing tier one customer support as and when required. For all intents and purposes, clerks are jacks-of-all-trades as they have their thumbs in all departments and provide supportive functions to all. Senior clerks may be expected to supervise a team of clerks to ensure that an office’s work is managed in an organized and time efficient manner.

Job Requirements

Clerks are required to possess a high school diploma in order to be able to qualify for this position. This is because they need to work with computers and other tools to be able to do justice to their jobs and this much of a qualification is in order at the very least. Strong communication and customer service skills are prerequisite for clerical jobs.

Following are some universal job description statements of a general clerk. You may use these phrases to make the experience section of your resume.

Sample Job Description for Clerk Resume

• Responded to questions of visitors and guests and provided relevant information

• Typed, formatted, proofread, and edited mail and other documents

• Answered telephone calls and emails

• Updated and maintained office files, folders, record, correspondence, and database systems

• Managed incoming and outgoing mail

• Performed simple bookkeeping tasks

• Organized files, folders and office records

• Supervised meeting schedules and calendars

• Kept records of company transactions and office activities

• Arranged meetings and appointments

• Performed additional tasks given by managers

• Ordered materials, supplies, and services

• Utilized general office equipment, including fax and photocopy machines