Airline Stewardess Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 2, 2021

Airline Stewardesses or flight attendants provide in-flight services to passengers. They ensure that all supplies are stocked in an aircraft before take-off, perform pre-flight checks, and ensure that the plane is clean before passengers come on board.

If you are interested in obtaining this extremely rewarding job (since you love to travel a lot), you will need to ensure that you write a compelling cover letter when applying for the stewardess position.

Your cover letter should indicate your interest in being a stewardess for your reasons as well as your ability to provide hospitality services in the air.

The following cover letter sample will provide you with information on how you can write one for an airline stewardess job.

Airline Stewardess

Sample Cover Letter for Airline Stewardess Position

Jennifer Cooper
2055 Lynn Drive, New City, NY 11200
(000) 854-8921
Jennifer.cooper @ email . com

August 2, 2021

Mr. Jacob Liam
Manager Human Resources
Air America
209 London Terrace
New City, NY 60141

Dear Mr. Liam:

I am applying for the position of Airline Stewardess, in which my combination of hospitality training and airline experience will add value to your operations. With many years of hands-on experience in the hospitality and customer service arena, I would be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

I can remain calm and tactful in all situations which I believe is extremely important when interacting comfortably with passengers. I have extensive in-flight training which has prepared me exceptionally well to work under pressure.

I have had one emergency landing experience which has provided me with insight into managing first aid and CPR services in a real-time environment. My employer has appraised me as “confident”, “diplomatic”, “professional” and “calm” which I believe goes a long way to meet the targets of Air America.

In addition to a friendly nature, I possess the physical ability to stand for long periods of time and work well in different time zones. My language proficiency in English, Spanish, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin enables me to interact with passengers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

If you are interested in hiring an Airline Stewardess who has strong decision-making skills and a great ability to understand the specific needs of passengers, I am your candidate. I will call you at the end of the week to set up a meeting date and time. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 854-8921.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jennifer Cooper
(000) 854-8921

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