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Building Cleaner Job Description

A building cleaner is hired in many different types of settings, including office buildings, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. Whichever place they are hired in, they perform more or less the same kind of duties. To work as a building cleaner, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the… Read More »

Building Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Guidelines Hiring managers receive dozens of cover letters in a day, and they have to go through all of them. And after a while, every cover letter begins to look like the last one. Why? Because most cover letters are ordinary. As an applicant, it is your job to make sure that you write a… Read More »

Light Duty Cleaner Job Description

Position Overview A light duty cleaner may be hired in any type of environment such as commercial and residential buildings, businesses and even hotels and restaurants. The main work of a person hired at this position is to ensure that the organization’s standards for cleanliness and sanitization are upheld at all levels. People working at… Read More »

Light Duty Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews are not easy for anyone – whether you are at this side of the table (as a candidate) or that one (as an interviewer), the struggle is pretty much the same. Candidates are almost always at edge because they are afraid of being put under a microscope. And since interviewers need to hire just… Read More »

Kitchen Cleaner Resume Sample

  The means to a kitchen cleaner job – the resume. The most important document in a kitchen cleanner job application set is a resume. This is because it holds all the information that is necessary to highlight a candidate’s abilities. You get your resume right and the rest will fall into place as well.… Read More »

House Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

When you are appearing for an interview for a position in which you have to work at someone’s house, the bar is raised automatically. People who will interview you for such a position will want to know not just what kind of work you do, but also how well you fit in with the family.… Read More »

Hotel Housekeeper Resume Sample

Resume writing is the base of our existence! But this nuisance is a necessary one, as the only way we can earn our bread and butter is when we get a job – and a job cannot be obtained without the resume! So to begin this chain, we have to do something that will make… Read More »

Detailer Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Detailers work for automobile service companies, where their prime responsibility is to make automobiles look pristine – both from the inside and the outside. Some detailers also work for companies that sell new and used cars, to make sure that they are kept clean for when customers want to examine or buy them.… Read More »

Auto Detailer Interview Questions and Answers

  Appearing in an auto detailer interview for which you have completely prepared, must be a great feeling! So you know the company and you are aware of the body language that you have to display. But did you practice the actual questions that you will be asked? No? If not, it is time to… Read More »

Residential Cleaner Job Description for Resume

Residential cleaners work in private homes, residential buildings and for companies that outsource their services for private deals. These people are trained in handling the cleaning and maintenance needs of small and big houses and large residential buildings. Mostly, an outsourcing agent or company will hire and train a residential cleaner to handle cleaning jobs… Read More »