Auto Detailer Resume Sample

Updated: July 8, 2021

Modern-day resume writing for auto detailer position is definitely a cut above what it used to be a few years ago. 

Where it was once alright to write a resume in its most basic form, basic resumes are not accepted anymore.

Now, a job seeker needs to make a resume with a “stand-out” quality so that hiring managers pick it up from the lot. Otherwise, all resumes begin to look like a blur after a few have been going through!

To make sure that your auto detailer resume is not considered part of the resume blur, you can create one that looks like this:

Sample Resume for Auto Detailer Position

David Mustang
897 Carthage Road
Lebanon, TN 25123
(000) 525-8585
davemust @ email . com

Record of providing exemplary customer service in fast-paced work environments.

Talented automotive detailer with 5+ years of experience in handling auto maintenance work in large service facilities. Demonstrated expertise in cleaning and refurbishing both new and used automobiles by performing a combination of washing and maintenance duties.

• Proficient in vacuuming automobile interiors and washing carpets using specialized equipment.
• Hands-on experience in applying vehicle revitalizers and preservatives to leather and vinyl services and treating the fabric with stain-resistant chemicals.
• Deep insight into the cleaning and lubricating engine components using dedicated steam cleaning equipment.
• Adept at handling painting job on engine parts by employing efficient use of aerosol cans and spray guns.


Auto Detailer
(11/2015 to Present)
• Meet owners to determine his or her need for cleaning and maintenance.
• Provide clients with information on the time and cost that will be involved in handling detailing work.
• Assess the situation of the automobile by thoroughly inspecting the interior and exterior.
• Clean and refurbish both new and used automobiles by washing the exterior and using cleaning solutions to clean the interior.
• Apply wax to auto bodies and wipe and buff surfaces to protect them and preserve their shine.
• Use vacuum cleaners to clean automobile interiors such as upholstery and rugs.
• Safely mix cleaning solutions and apply them by following safety standards.
• Apply revitalizers and preservatives to the interior and exterior of automobiles.
• Paint engine components using spray guns or aerosol cans.
Key Achievements
• Performed detailing on a sedan that had been completely crushed, giving it a brand new look.
• Suggested the use of steam cleaning equipment, which increased business by 55% from clients looking for quick cleaning solutions.
• Introduced a preventative maintenance service, which quickly became popular, increasing client base from the initial 2200 to 2800 within 3 months.
• Reconditioned the interior of 5 cars simultaneously, all of which were delivered on time.

Car Cleaner
(1/2010 to 11/2015)
• Interviewed clients to determine how they wanted their cars to be serviced.
• Provided information regarding costs involved in performing different types of services.
• Washed cars from the outside using hose pipes, detergents, and sponges.
• Assisted in vacuuming cars interiors by using specialized car vacuum cleaners.
• Dried, waxed, and buffed car exteriors and ensured that any visible dents or scrapes are communicated to the client.
• Polished interiors using designated dashboard polishes in a safe manner.

High School Diploma
ST. PETER’S HIGH SCHOOL, Lebanon, TN – 2009

Current Tennessee driver’s license

• Refurbishing
• Waxing/Buffing
• Interior Preservation
• Steam Cleaning
• Touch-ups
• Reconditioning
• Inventory Management
• Restoration
• Parts/Equipment Inspection
• Preventative Maintenance
• Safe Chemical Use
• Client Concern Resolution

• Computer: Word and Excel
• Exceptional attention to detail