Knowing yourself and the employer is crucial to writing a cover letter that reaches where it should. Once you know what you are capable of, you can easily put this information into a cover letter and it will automatically “communicate” with the hiring authority. Do a thorough self-analysis to determine what your inner strengths are, […]

A cover letter is not difficult to write if the person writing it has researched what should go into it. Determining the purpose of a cover letter is step one. Once you are aware of the fact that a cover letter is all about how you can help an organization grow and prosper, you will […]

An interview is a necessary step in taking you closer to your destination – that is, actually acquiring a Human Resources Specialist job. As soon as you receive an interview call, you should start preparing for it by determining what type of questions you will be asked, and how they should be answered. Going through […]

  You may have written a perfect resume but if it doesn’t cover all grounds, it is far from perfect. Writing a perfect resume for human resources assistant position comes with a lot of practice and research. If each section of your resume boasts of your suitability for a job, the document is ready to […]

Writing a cover letter involves a lot of things. The first thing that one needs to look into is the format. What type of format will you choose? Then comes the part where you have to place information in it. Is there a “proper” way of putting information in your cover letter? Or a simple […]

What makes you a great hire in the eyes of a prospective employer? The fact that you can offer all that a hiring manager is looking for is what counts the most. Skills is the operative word here. Focusing on your skills when writing a resume is what will take your candidature from point 0 […]

Position Overview A human resource associate works within a human resource department by providing core support to HR functions. There is a lot on the plate of a human resource associate who has to handle all the details of hiring and training, benefits administration, conflict management and even payroll functions. People working at this position […]