Best HR Clerk Resume Sample & Writing Tips

Updated on: April 7, 2022

An HR clerk resume should project information to convince a hiring manager that the applicant knows HR work.

A mix of skills and experience in a human resources capacity should be presented in the resume.

Also, you need to show the hiring manager that you are aware of induction and training processes.

Your human resources clerk resume should also highlight your knowledge of preparing a variety of complex documents while maintaining records.

Besides that, emphasize your ability to perform a wide array of specialized clerical duties that require knowledge of human resources operations.

A resume for a human resources clerk position is provided here as an example:

HR Clerk Resume Example

Chuck Morrison
252 Greet Road
California City, CA20210
(00) 640-6975

Passionate Human Resources Clerk with 7+ years of hands-on experience in providing high-end administrative and clerical support to the human resources department.

• Exceptionally talented in responding to employees’ questions, and processing incoming emails.
• Familiar with setting appointments, and arranging meetings between HR personnel and employees, and applicants.
• Participating in recruitment processes, as well as preparing new employee files.

• Mail Processing
• Data Entry
• Calendar Maintenance
• Reports Compilation
• Appointments Scheduling
• Records Maintenance

• Created a calendar maintenance system, as a result, decreased scheduling time by 50%
• Successfully implemented a record handling system, replacing an inefficient one
• Trained 5 other human resources clerks as part of their induction process


Human Resources Clerk
Seaboard Corporation, California City, CA
• Maintain employee records in a confidential manner
• Process employee fingerprinting in compliance with codes
• Request past job performance-related records from new employees
• Publish and update ads on advertisement boards and social media platforms
• Schedule interviews, and follow up on them
• Screen resumes in order to make a list of possible candidates
• Update HR database with information regarding newly hired individuals
• Compile employee records and communicate personnel policies
• Assist in arranging training activities
• Verify and maintain personnel documentation
• Implement training and orientation for new employees

HR Intern
Aegion Corporation, California City, CA
• Responded to phone calls to the HR department
• Provided information regarding policies and procedures
• Submitted new personnel request forms
• Compiled employee timesheets
• Verified attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
California State University, California City, CA – 2012

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