Employment Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2018

The reason that every hiring manager is so bent upon going through the best resume, is the fact that this document has a lot to offer if written correctly.

The following sample will help you write yours in a structured way:


Employment Coach Resume Example



Henry Cooper
6 Hill Lane, Olympia, WA 32011
(000) 999-9999


Experienced employment coach, with extensive comprehension of positively interacting with employers, service providers, and neighborhood residents. Exceptionally well-versed in identifying employment sectors, and helping individuals connect with employment or skills training providers. Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with employers in order to determine their business, and job requirements of positions that they need to fill.

• Introduced the concept of community outreach, resulting in obtaining more employment references.
• Implemented a novel competency level assessment system, which made it 75% easier to determine applicants’ competency levels.
• Led a series of community outreach programs, all of which were highly successful in obtaining large candidate pools.
• Successfully identified 6 new employment sectors, as part of a core research program.
• Worked with employers to identify particular skills sets that they are seeking to fill.
• Created and maintained a dialogue with employers, and respond to their concerns effectively.
• Peformed advocacy for hard to employ individuals, such as the disabled, and ex-offenders.


• Sector Identification • Applicant Liaison • Community Outreach
• Skills Deciphering • Progress Reporting • Readiness Management
• Job Retention Services • Job Development • Competency Assessment
• Resume Reviews • Goals Development • Social Networking


Employment Coach
Eagleview Technologies, Olympia, WA          2013-present
• Confer with employers to determine their specific candidate requirements, and make correlating notes.
• Create and maintain relationships with a wide variety of groups and individuals, in a collaborative manner.
• Conduct educational assessments, and identify candidate strengths and challenges for each job.
• Review and revise present resources to provide more individualized support to individuals and groups.
• Provide life-skills training and vocational rehabilitation employment services to assist individuals in gaining skills and confidence levels.
• Conduct job coaching activities to assist individuals with problems and challenges.
• Maintain communication with referral sources, as approved by assigned clients.
• Assist job developers by coordinating work experience, and job shadow opportunities in the absence of a job developer.

HR Officer
Heartshare Human Services, Olympia, WA            2008-2013
• Screened applicants for each open job, to see if the right set of skills are present.
• Contacted shortlisted job candidates through email, and telephone, to call them in for interviews.
• Provided follow-up to ensure that applicants showed up for scheduled interviews.
• Assisted in interviewing applicants, and determining which ones fit the bill.
• Created and maintained records of new and existing employees, in a confidential manner.

Olympia Business School, Olympia, WA
Bachelor of Business Administration

Employment Coach Resume

Employment Coach Qualifications & Skills

* A Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

* Some hands-on experience

* Problem-solving skills

* A motivating personality

* Ability to build mutual rapport

* Willing to learn

* Able to direct, inspire, engage and lead

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