Position Overview A food preparation worker is usually hired by hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, and academic concerns where their main duty is to make sure that food preparation duties are according to protocol. In many instances, they also double as food service workers, allowing them to experience another end of this work. Education & Skills […]

What could possible make a hiring manager pick up a cover letter and jump for joy? A cover letter that has a large percentage of information which he or she wanted to see, is the right answer! The best way to convince a hiring manager to choose you amongst other contenders for the same job […]

Overview A catering cook resume is a snapshot of your skills and abilities in a written form. Everything that you have done in your professional life can be placed in a resume, if it gels in well with the Catering Cook position. The following resume sample will guide you how to organize information in your […]

Formulas, even if they are simple, hardly ever work when you are preparing a job application document such as a cover letter. Cover letters for catering cook position need a lot of thought put into them if job seekers want them to connect with hiring managers. While there is a lot of hype involving cover […]

Inherent skills and those that we learn on the job are both extremely important for hiring managers, who are forever on the prowl for a good employee. The most difficult thing to do is to communicate your skills as a catering cook to a hiring manager. And the best way to endeavor to do this […]

Position Overview A catering cook is a regular cook – with a difference. He or she is required to work in an environment where there is need for mass food production. As a catering cook, you will be performing a lot of work activities such as conferring with clients to determine requirements for their events, […]

Resenting the interview process will not bring you closer to success. If anything, it is bound to put a damper on your feelings, making you feel as if all the effort that you made in applying for a job was in vain, since you can’t ever ace the interview process. Wrong. You can ace the […]