If the last time that you appeared for an interview was some years ago, you will need to relearn everything you know about the interview process. Things have changed quite drastically where interviews for prep cook position are concerned. No longer do interviewers ask questions that are directly related to the work that you are […]

The word “standout” has often been used to describe cover letters that are perfect in every way. But what does it mean exactly? A standout cover letter is one which once a hiring manager has read, leaves nothing to be desired. A standout cover letter is a perfect cover letter – in every sense. The […]

  If you have ever wondered what an “all-encompassing” resume looks like, you have made the right last few clicks! The only problem is that every resume is all-encompassing only to the specific position that it targets. So that a resume sample written for a lead cook position, will of course be particular to that […]

What makes you a good person to work with? And what is it that makes it possible for a hiring manager to decide to hire you? The answer to both is your skills and abilities. How you work with people, what strategies you use to handle difficult tasks, and how well you fit into the […]

A lead cook is hired by a restaurant to ensure that all kitchen operations such as cooking, food preparation, and supplies inventory and staff management is handled with precision and care. These people are not just cooks – they are managers and supervisors as well. The first thing that employers look at when hiring a […]

Once you have submitted both your resume and cover letter to apply for lead cook job, you need to decide what to do next. You cannot just sit back and wait. Because if your job application documents were good enough, chances are that you will be called in for an interview soon. Prepare for it. […]

Position Overview A lead line cook usually shows his mettle when the head chef or cook isn’t around. But the work of a lead line cook is not dependent on the availability of the chef. The basic idea behind hiring a lead line cook is to make sure that there is someone to look after […]