Computer Repair Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: August 2, 2021

Resume writing advice is a great part of the entire career. Resume layouts are a forever debate but the best advice that anyone can give to you is to keep it simple.

The simpler your format, the easier it is to understand. And the easier it is to understand, the more chances that you will be chosen for an interview.

So here is a simple resume format to help you build yours:

Computer Repair Technician Resume Sample

Chris Dean
28 Barefoot Lane, Frederica, DE 08745 
(000) 141-8544
chrisdean @ email . com

Known for repairing and troubleshooting hardware and software problems with a special focus on ensuring continuous functionality.

Technically savvy Computer Repair Technician with 14+ years’ extensive experience in providing support related to computer repair and maintenance to large organizations. Exceptionally skilled in upgrading and maintaining existing computer systems and assisting in installing new ones.

• A meticulous individual who efficiently determines users’ needs and provides them with correlating technology solutions.
• Competent at setting up computer and network security measures to ensure complete safety from external and internal threats
• Special talent for configuring computer networks such as LANs, WANs, and MANs, aimed at ensuring consistency of information flow between offices


Computer Repair Technician
The Arnold Group, Frederica, DE
Key Achievements
• Introduced the concept of “remote troubleshooting” resulting in a great increase in customer satisfaction levels.
• Successfully repaired a bug in the LAN that had gone undiagnosed for 3 months and was causing the LAN to malfunction.
Key Tasks
• Respond to telephone calls for computer configuration assistance.
• Provide users with information on how to install software and correlating licenses.
• Walk users through each step of the installation to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed.
• Fix software and hardware issues by performing troubleshooting and diagnostic activities.
• Test systems to make sure that they are properly installed and get rid of any bugs that may cause problems later on.

Computer Repair Aide
AAG Co, Frederica, DE
Key Achievements
• Implemented advanced security measures on the WAN, saving it completely from harm that it may have been subjected to owing to the potent virus Trojan L4.
• Suggested the implementation of a ticketing system for non-emergency computer repair problems, increasing efficiency of emergency problem resolution by 30%.
Key Tasks
• Installed peripherals such as printers and scanners and ensure their functionality.
• Troubleshoot a variety of computer and network-related problems in real-time.
• Assisted in setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting network issues and problems.
• Assisted clients in determining problems with their computers by asking questions.
• Installed software and hardware components according to the specific instructions of the client.
• Configured existing computer systems and provided assistance in configuring networks and component.
• Tested installed software and hardware peripherals such as printers and scanners to ensure their functionality.
• Handled inventory of computer software, hardware, and licenses in a safe manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Frederica Technical College, Frederica, DE – 2001

• Network Maintenance
• Hardware and Software Upgrades
• Problem Diagnosis
• Network Equipment Setup
• Technology Coaching
• Installation Walkthroughs
• Breakdown Prevention
• Ticket Response
• Frontline Customer Services
• Performance Analysis
• Settings Adjustments