Target Cashier Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 8, 2019

Position Overview

As the second largest discount store retailer in the United States of America, Target hires employees that are definitely second to none.

Apart from many other positions, Target hires a large number of cashiers to provide its customer base with the best in services at the till.

A cashier working at Target will perform the same duties as one working in another retail setting, but with a difference.

Target Cashier Qualifications

To work as a Target cashier, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

Previous experience of working in a cashier capacity and some exposure to retail settings is usually considered a plus point when you are applying for this position.

Exceptional skills in calculating costs and handling transactions are just two of the prerequisites of working as a Target cashier.

Knowledge of handling customers in a sales representative role and handling stocking duties are also prerequisites of working as a Target cashier since you will be rotated in a retail assistance role at some point in your career life at the company.

Other requirements to work as a Target cashier include the ability to handle complaints from customers in order to ensure that return business is confirmed.

Some of the main duties that you will be performing while working as a Target cashier include:

 Target Cashier Job Description for Resume

• Welcome customers as they approach the cash counter with their purchases and engage them in small talk.

• Look through items to determine which ones are on sale and scan them through the system.

• Price all items by punching them into the system and create and communicate totals to customers.

• Accept cash and cards and process them using card machines and tills, and return change and receipts.

• Provide customers with information on special sales or discounts that they can avail.

• Assist baggers in packing purchased items according to their types and instruct them to make car deliveries.

• Take and process requests for returns and exchanges and ensure that all such activities are carried out according to company policies.

• Balance cash drawers at the end of each shift and ensure that any evident cash discrepancies are resolved before the drawer is closed.

• Act as a retail sales assistant in the event of rush hours, or as part of job rotation activities, by assisting customers with their purchases.

• Handle stocking and product rotation activities, ensuring that all items are displayed according to the 4 Ps of marketing.