Front End Cashier Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 31, 2019

Position Overview

To make sure that your company truly rules customer services, you have to provide it at every step of the way. A fair example of “all steps of customer services” is the position of a front end cashier.

Front end cashiers are jacks of all trades. They welcome customers as they enter the store, provide them with information on where their choice of products are displayed and lead them through the payment procedures.

Front end cashiers are also entrusted with the difficult task of upselling in some stores. While a customer is checking out, cashiers are often told to ask them if they would like to buy something extra – like a bar of candy placed strategically next to the counter.

Skills and Knowledge

Since front end cashiers’ primary job is to handle cash transactions, it is crucial for them to understand the various aspects of cash handling. Knowledge of POS machines and other forms of cash registers is important. Some accounting knowledge and the ability to handle reconciliations are also of utmost significance.

During sales staff absences, front end cashiers may also be asked to fill in for them and assist customers in acquiring a positive shopping experience. As part of your job as a front-end cashier, you will be required to perform some or all of the following duties:

Front End Cashier Job Description and Duties

• Greet customers as they arrive and respond to their requests for information

• Direct customers to the correct aisle and ensure that a sales personnel is servicing them

• Fill in for sales staff in case of high work volume or absenteeism

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the cash counter with their purchases

• Ring each item in the POS and ensure that the customers are aware of the pricing

• Provide customers with information on totals and ask if they would like to pay by cash or card

• Process credit card and cash payments and provide customers with receipts and change

• Assist baggers in bagging customers’ purchases in appropriate bags and place them back in their trolleys

• Thank customers for shopping at their store and ask them if they can be helped with anything additional

• Handle exchanges and returns by processing them in the company database

• Return customers’ money for the items that they have returned, and provide them with alternatives when they intend to exchange a product

• Sort, count and wrap currency and coins at the end of each shift

• Perform reconciliation duties and ensure that any discrepancies are resolved immediately