Convenience Store Cashier Skills and Abilities

Updated on: November 7, 2017

Skills are very important if you want to provide hiring managers with solid reasons to hire you. Skilled individuals almost always qualify for Convenience Store Cashier jobs. Those who may be skilled but are unable to provide information of their abilities and competencies fall back in the race to the finish.

Outlining exactly why you are the best person to hire for a job is imperative. When you write your resume, it should ideally consist of a dedicated section where you can place your skills and competencies in a bulleted form.

By doing so, you are not only highlighting information about how capable you are, but are also making sure that the hiring manager understands your statements. The race to the finish line (gaining a position within an organization) can be won if you provide solid information regarding your abilities at the workplace.

When applying for a convenience store cashier position, you can use the likes of the following sample skills statements in your resume, in a bid to impress a hiring manager:


Convenience Store Cashier Skills and Abilities


• Highly experienced in handling different types of cash registers, placing special emphasis on accuracy of transactions.

• Effectively able to provide customers with assistance in locating and choosing products of interest.

• Exceptionally well-versed in ensuring the overall safety of the convenience store, by ensuring that all alarms and burglar systems are in place.

• Demonstrated expertise in processing both cash and credit card transactions, and providing receipts and change, to ensure that transactions are deemed completed.

• Skilled in providing customers with solid information on their products of interest, including prices and expiry dates.

• Documented success in leading customers through payment processing procedures, placing special focus on accuracy of transactions.

• Familiar with tendering change and receipts in an accurate manner, and ensuring that cash tills are properly balanced at the end of the shift.

• Qualified to handle cash register discrepancies, ensuring that any issues or problems are resolved in a real time manner.

• Competent in handling incoming merchandise, and ensuring that it correlates with work orders.

• Proven ability to handle shelf stocking duties, keeping the 4 Ps of marketing in mind.

• Track record of effectively and efficiently overseeing and maintaining inventories of supplies, in sync with the company’s or store’s policies.

• Deeply familiar with setting up and maintaining burglar alarms, and monitoring CCTVs to ward off threats of vandalism and burglaries

• Proficient in helping customers by bagging their purchases, and moving them to awaiting vehicles.