6 Dog Handler Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 23, 2020

Before a dog handler interview, make sure that you are prepared for odd questions that may be thrown at you to determine how well you handle pressure. 

Your inner personality, no matter how much you try to curb it, comes out at the interview table. It’s something that you cannot control. Interviews are harsh.

Interviewers often go to great lengths to trip you up, just to see how well you can balance yourself. It’s all part of the game. And if you know that this is going to happen, there is no need to worry.

Also, see this dog handler skills list to become successful in an interview.

6 Common Questions and Answers for Dog Handler Interview

1. Why did you opt to work as a dog handler?

For someone who loves animals as much as I do, especially dogs, working as a dog handler was just a natural course of action. Also, I feel that I have an affinity with dogs and that they can relate to me quite well.

2. When they say “a dog is a man’s best friend,” what do you think this implies?

I believe that a dog being a man’s best friend is not just a cliché. Dogs really are extremely loyal if treated right. No other animal has been known to have this kind of relationship with humans.

3. What specific duties have you performed in a dog handler position before?

I have been fortunate to work for both dog shelters and kennels. My duties have included training dogs, taking them for walks and recreational activities, grooming them, and ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing.

4. How do you feel about some of the “not so savory” things that you have to do while working as a dog handler?

If you mean cleaning their dwellings and picking up after them, it all comes as part of the territory. I don’t mind it one bit. It’s like looking after a baby.

5. What is your biggest achievement in this role?

I have developed a way in which even the most agitated of dogs can be calmed down immediately. It has to do with a little hum and song. I believe that is this my most significant achievement as calming down annoyed or agitated dogs is always a great challenge.

6. What do you intend to be doing 5 years from now?

Eventually, I would like to train as a dog trainer and work for a facility that caters to security issues. In the next 5 years, I hope to be someone who can be depended on for investigative work through an army of dogs!

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