Burger King Cashier Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: May 19, 2021
Burger King Cashier Job Description

When you are working as a cashier for one of the giants of the fast-food industry such as Burger King – it stands to reason that expectations will be high of you.

As a cashier at Burger King, your main responsibility will be to greet customers, take their orders, and process payments.

It may seem as if this is the responsibility of a crew member but in actuality, cashiers double up as crew members and that is why order-taking is part of their work.

Apart from taking and delivering orders, cashiers are required to balance cash tills and handle any discrepancies, before they hand over the till to the cashier on the next shift.

Cashiers working at Burger King may do so at rotating shifts – you may be asked to cover a day or a night shift, depending on your individual employment situation.

During the day, you will be required to handle a huge volume of work – during late-night shifts, the volume will be minimum. Nonetheless, you will have to exercise exceptional customer service skills constantly.

For the typical duties of a Burger King cashier position, refer to the list below:

Sample Duties for Burger King Cashier Resume

  • Greet customers, provide them with the menu and provide them with information on special deals and discounts.
  • Assist customers in making decisions by providing them with information regarding ingredients.
  • Indulge in suggestive selling activities by asking customers if they would like their meals to be upsized.
  • Take and punch orders into the POS system and provide customers with information on payments.
  • Process cash and credit card payments, tender change and ensure that receipts are signed.
  • Provide customers with a timeline within which their orders will be delivered.
  • Assist in the preparation and packing of customers’ orders and ensure that condiments are included in the final packing.
  • Balance cash registers at the end of the shift while ensuring that any discrepancies are immediately resolved.
  • Count cash notes and coins and create corresponding accounting reports.
  • Provide next-shift cashier with information on the cash till’s balance.
  • Ensure that change is available at the beginning of each shift.
  • Clean, maintain and sanitize the cash counter on a constant basis.

Burger King Cashier Job Requirements

In order to work as a Burger King Cashier, you have to possess a high school diploma. If you have worked as a cashier in another restaurant, this experience will be counted as a plus point.

Since communicating with customers is a constant in a Burger King cashier’s day, they have to be pleasant and accommodating.

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