A position that bears the most responsibility is one that is involved with looking after a human being who cannot do so him or herself. Child caregivers hold a key position as they are required to look after children who may be too young to handle their needs on their own. These professionals are hired following a lot of care and scrutiny as parents need to make sure that their children are in the safe and right hands.

Child caregivers are employed in a personal capacity directly through parents or childcare facilities. No matter which setting they are hired in, they perform more or less the same duties. Child caregivers are hired by working parents who may have trouble looking after their children during work hours. They are required to look after children’s needs in terms of feeding, bathing, clothing and preliminary education as well. Depending on the age of the child in question, child caregivers may be expected to provide initial schooling to help with cognitive, social and academic development.

Since the work of a child caregiver brims with responsibility, parents are quite picky when hiring one. A letter of recommendation is an absolute necessity during the hiring procedure as it provides credence to the applicant. Following is a sample letter of reference for a child caregiver’s position.

Child Caregiver Recommendation Letter Sample


January 5, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

It is indeed a pleasure to recommend Clara Belle who has worked as a child caregiver for my daughters of ages 9 and 5. While I would like to keep Clara on, she insists that her time as a caregiver for my children is up as they have grown up and would now like to move on where she can provide similar benefit to another family.

I have never had to worry about my daughters since the time I hired Clara almost nine years ago for my firstborn. I am a working mother and had to rely on her solely during the day – she never disappointed me. When my elder daughter started school and younger one was on her way, I kept Clara on as I was sure that I would need her to handle my younger one too. A mother’s biggest worry is that her child may not be fed or dealt with kindness while she is away; I have never had this fear as Clara has kept both my daughters happy during the time I was away. For both of them, she has made sure that they were school-ready at the right time and the amount of kindness that she has displayed has made them happy and quite attached to her. As a child caregiver, she is ready for emergencies and is very hands-on with child CPR and First Aid.

It makes me sad to see her go but I do understand that there are many children out there who need similar tender loving care and no one can provide it better than Clara. I recommend her highly for a similar position and wish her luck for her future. Please feel free to call me at the number below if you have any further questions you’d like me to answer about Clara.




Holly Wood
(444) 444-4444