13 Child Caregiver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: January 17, 2021

A child caregiver is expected to possess a responsible nature and an inherent love for children to be able to qualify for this position.

Parents or agencies hire child caregivers following lots of scrutinies. The reason is simple; you wouldn’t want to leave your child in the hands of an irresponsible and unreliable individual.

An interview can say a lot about a child’s caregiver; vigilant parents and recruiters know just what type of questions to ask in an interview and how to decide which factors make a child caregiver perfect for their child.

Preparing for a child caregiver interview is very important. Even if you are sure of your childcare skills, if you do not prepare, you can be rejected.

It is imperative to answer the interview questions tactfully to obtain a favorable result.

Interview questions may vary from employer to employer. However, there are some general and common questions for the position.

13 Common Questions and Answers for Child Caregiver Interview

1. What motivated you to take up the role of a child caregiver as a career?

I love children. There is no better way to explain my motive. Looking after children and teaching them the ways of life gives me the satisfaction nothing else can. It is pure pleasure to see them grow up to be fine young men and women.

2. Why do you want to work with us?

Gather some background information regarding the hiring firm first and then answer the question by stating some features of the firm that help them stand out from other firms. For example: ‘I have always heard well about the childcare services provided by this firm. Since I am a passionate and dedicated child caregiver, I couldn’t think of a better place to join’.

3. Why did you leave your previous job?

I enjoyed working with my previous employer a lot, but I always felt a need to extend my experiences and work in a more extensive childcare environment that enables one on one interaction with children.

4. Why should we hire you as a child caregiver?

Because I possess all the skills, you require for the position. Additionally, I’m very dedicated to childcare giving as a profession. I possess inborn traits needed to succeed as a child caregiver like patience, energy, and creativity.

5. What do you think a child needs most from a caregiver?

In general, the child needed to be loved, listened, given importance and understood by the caregiver. I possess ample knowledge regarding child development and usually cater to the age-specific needs of children.

6. Do you have any experience of caregiving with children having special needs?

‘Yes.’(explain the experience)or, ‘No, but I’m willing to take up a position of child caregiving that requires caring for special needs children.’
Situational questions are prevalent in such interviews:

7. How would you handle upset parents complaining that another child is teasing their child?

I would calmly convince them that I’ll try my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that I’d instill and reinforce the value of empathy among all pupils involved.

8. How long have you worked in this position and what is your experience with children between the ages of five and ten?

I have worked as a child caregiver for ten years. While most of my wards have been babies, I have provided care to children aged 6, 8, 9, and 10 as well. With older children, it is not about assisting them in eating and changing; it is more about working with their activities to ensure that they become good human beings.

9. As far as preliminary education is concerned, how do you handle children?

I employ a school-readiness program for children not yet of school-going age. Teaching the language and numbers using appropriate preschool methods is my feat.

10. What type of educational activities do you believe a child will enjoy?

Depending on the age of the child, there are many physical games, puzzles, and memory games that I use to keep them engaged during the time that the parents are away.

11. What do you like the least about your job?

The fact that one gets attached to children and it is difficult to let go when the time comes.

12. How can you convince us that you are the right person for our child?

I have excellent references that will vouch for my loving nature and the ability to carry out my work in an appropriate manner. I am willing to provide you the contact information of my references so you can check them out.

13. Do you have any references?

Yes! I have 3 strong references.

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