A resume is a difficult thing to write especially when you are applying for a position where your mental stealth is a virtue that you have to depend on to get a job. When applying for a job of this nature, it is important that your resume reflects your ability to undertake the projects assigned to you. Let us take the example of a fraud investigator here.

Fraud investigators are accountable for internal and external investigations, incident prevention policies implementation as well as regulatory compliance and reporting. They are hired in order to decipher criminal deceptions that may harm the company. Once valid charges are made, it is the duty of a fraud investigator to contact law enforcement agencies to apprehend the criminals involved. On a typical work day, a fraud investigator will investigate employment records and communications in order to determine the nature of fraud involved. They perform background checks on people involved in fraud and usually work undercover although some information can only be obtained by interviewing people face to face.

While there are no educational prerequisites for this position, employers prefer that the people that they hire as fraud investigators possess a bachelors degree. Following resume sample will be useful you if you are looking for a position in the Fraud Investigator capacity.


Fraud Investigator Resume Sample


Andy Woolf

1890 Orchard Street ● Horseheads, NY 67900 ● (999) 999-9999 ● Email

Dedicated and vigilant individual with ten years’ extensive experience in fraud investigation services. Demonstrated expertise in analytical techniques and a strong know-how of contemporary trends in fraudulent activities. Adept at utilizing modern technology to combat fraud and make appropriate  recommendations. Extremely knowledgeable in deposit operations, lending operations and physical security tools and videos to investigate suspicious activity.


• Incorporated a fraud deterrent policy as part of the new hire procedure that brought about a substantial decrease in fraudulent activities
• Trained newly hired fraud investigation teams to carry out professional fraud investigation services
• Apprehended a particularly stealthy criminal from inside the company who had been elusive for over five years
• Wrote a paper on Corporate Fraud Investigations published in Corporate Mumbo Jumbo’s August 2012 edition


Kohl – Horseheads, NY                                                       Dec 2003 – Present
Fraud Investigator

• Conduct investigations in fraud claims
• Interview witnesses and collect evidence
• Check financial and employee records
• Verify employee backgrounds
• Evaluate and track allegations of fraud
• Determine intent and origin of fraudulent activities
• Apprehend criminals and contact law enforcement agencies
• Prepare reports after each investigation

Kohl – Horseheads, NY                                                      Jan 2003 – Dec 2003
Intern – Fraudulent Activities

• Assisted in research and investigation into corporate fraudulent activities
• Performed witness interviews as instructed
• Maintained records of parties’ interactions for case preparation purposes
• Assessed evidence in accordance to set investigation protocols
• Maintained all paperwork and reports filing

Horseheads City College, Horseheads, NY
Bachelor’s in Criminology – 2000