Dementia Caregiver Resume Sample

Updated on: August 7, 2023
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A dementia caregiver’s resume needs to stand out. That is why it is imperative to write a resume that says that you can handle the work.

Writing a resume for a dementia caregiver position will require you to emphasize your skills in many areas, such as looking after patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Moreover, your knowledge of providing emotional care must be highlighted.

A dementia caregiver’s resume must include information regarding your understanding of how dementia affects patients and how to provide personal care.

Here is a resume sample for a dementia caregiver position:

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Dementia Caregiver Resume Sample

William Shatner
6021 Port Road
Ocean City, MD99872
(000) 999-5212


Patient care-oriented and compassionate individual with 12+ years of solid dementia caregiving experience. Highly skilled in determining patients’ specific personalities, and providing correlating dementia care. Expert at creating and implementing care plans for specific dementia-related diseases.

• Patient Assessment • Plan Development
• Disease Comprehension • Emotional Support
• Personal Assistance • Life Management
• Medical Needs Assessment • Companionship
• Family Education • Medication Monitoring
• Transfer Assistance • Meal Preparation

• Increased patient response to dementia care plans by 50%, through the implementation of an “outreach” effort.
• Significantly improved patient-family ties, by introducing a support system.
• Developed a core care plan for Parkinson’s patients, as a result, increased the efficacy of medical plans.
• Explicitly implemented a medical needs assessment system, increasing the patient response by 65%.


Dementia Caregiver
Westward Caregivers, Ocean City, MD       
2020 – present
• Look through assigned patients’ files in order to determine the extent of the disease.
• Develop care plans according to doctors’ instructions.
• Engage patients in conversation to determine their personalities.
• Confer with families to obtain information.
• Assist patients in performing physical activities and exercises.
• Ensure that patients are provided with emotional assistance.
• Perform personal care assistance, for example, toileting, grooming, and bathing.
• Change bedsheets on a regular basis.
• Assist with household chores like housekeeping and errand running.

Dementia Caregiver
Westward Caregivers, Ocean City, MD         
• Monitored patients’ condition in order to ensure their well-being.
• Administered medication promptly.
• Provided emotional support to patients as well as their families.
• Prepared meals while ensuring that patients partake in them on time.
• Handled emergencies such as accidents, injuries, or sudden health issues.
• Ensured cleanliness in addition to the safety of patients’ surroundings.

Care Services Inc., Ocean City, MD           
• Assisted residents with activities like bathing and grooming.
• Ensured delivery of food at the right time.
• Made beds, and ensured the general cleanliness of patient areas.
• Prepared meals according to set instructions.
• Provided physical as well as emotional support to patients and their families.

High School Diploma
Ocean City High School, Ocean City, MD

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