Elderly Companion Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: July 5, 2023

Position Overview

Helping the elderly and older adults lead a dignified life is the basic job of an elderly companion. He or she is responsible for the basic care and companionship of old people who cannot handle everyday work on their own.

This includes helping them with toileting, bathing, changing, and grooming, and making sure that they are provided with someone to talk to and bank on both physically and emotionally.

Elderly companions also run errands for their wards, which might include handling shopping activities and doing laundry and linen washing. Additionally, they handle bill-paying activities and make sure that their wards get enough exercise.

Skills and Abilities

People working as elderly caregivers or companions have to be strong – both emotionally and physically. They need to be able to physically move them at times and provide them with constant emotional support. 

There are two aspects of working as an elderly companion – companionship and home help. And one has to be able to handle both with equal professionalism.

Education and Training

To work as an elderly companion, you may not need more than a high school diploma but if you have had some medical training, it might help you during emergencies. Since most of the people that you will be working for will have medical issues, you need to be able to administer medication and handle adversities properly.

Elderly Companion Resume

A resume for an elderly companion position is the most critical document in the job application process – just because it outlines all that a candidate is.

In order to write a great resume for an elderly companion, you have to find out the employer’s expectations and customize your resume accordingly.

Take a look at the following resume sample for an elderly companion position:

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Sample Resume for Elderly Companion Position

Tina Mane
Bronx, NY 58293
(000) 141-7474


• Emotionally stable, compassionate, and hardworking individual, with extensive experience in providing companionship to elderly clients.
• Functional ability to understand and cater to individual needs of wards to ensure that they are kept constantly comfortable.
• Demonstrated expertise in administering bedside care including ambulation and personal hygiene assistance.
• Recognized for performing healthcare-related tasks such as monitoring and recording vital signs and administering medication.

– Ambulation – Vital signs – Nutrition
– Home management – Respite care – Client advocacy
– Client safety – Encouragement – Emotional support
– First Aid / CPR – Observation – Recreation activities

• Completely cured an elderly ward of debilitating diabetes by planning and preparing nutritious food items for all three major meals of the day.
• Implemented a series of outdoor activities, specifically designed for people who have dementia to assist them in coming to terms with their depression.
• Successfully resuscitated an elderly ward who suffered from a sudden heart attack, by employing CPR.
• Designed a set of “self-administered” exercises for the wards who had problems with limited mobility.


Elderly Companion
Helen’s Companions, Bronx, NY
6/2018 – Present
• Comprehend each ward’s physical and emotional needs and create plans to provide companionship and care.
• Assist wards in handling personal needs such as bathing, toileting, grooming, and changing.
• Provide support to ambulation by assisting them to move from one place to another.
• Understand each ward’s specific nutrition needs and cook items according to them.
• Administer medication or provide reminders to take medication at designated times.
• Provide counseling services or merely pose as an “ear” to the wards’ voices.
• Maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment by ensuring that household chores are handled properly.
• Motivate wards to indulge in stimulating activities such as walking and reading.
• Create and assist in performing exercises following each ward’s physical limitations.
• Run errands such as shopping for groceries and handling mail.
• Transport wards to appointments and social activities.

Care Aide
Grace Village Retirement Community, Bronx, NY
1/2015 – 5/2018
• Provided physical care such as bathing, grooming, and changing.
• Administered personal care such as ambulation.
• Monitored and recorded vitals such as pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.
• Provided medication reminders or administered medication according to specific care plans.
• Observed to determine changes in clients’ behavior or physical condition and reported them immediately.
• Assisted clients in partaking in food on time.
• Performed room cleaning and maintenance duties.

Diploma: Bronx High School, Bronx, NY – 2009

Elderly Companion Job Description for Resume

  • Read through the medical records of the assigned client and understand the specific care instructions
  • Assist clients with bathing, grooming, toileting, and dressing duties
  • Provide emotional support by engaging them in conversation and succumbing to their requests for storytelling
  • Administer medications according to doctors’ specific instructions and ensure the availability of medications at all times
  • Assist with ambulation by physically helping the elderly or pushing them in wheelchairs
  • Accompany clients at social events, extracurricular activities, and doctor’s appointments
  • Monitor and record vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Perform light household activities such as cleaning, dusting, and dishwashing
  • Cook nutritious meals for clients by following nutritionists’ instructions and help them eat it
  • Observe wards to ensure that they are comfortable and document any changes in behavior or physical/mental condition
  • Participate in case reviews in order to evaluate the client’s needs and assist in planning continuing care services
  • Run errands such as shopping for groceries and mail handling
  • Handle situations involving emergencies by employing knowledge of First Aid and CPR