Top 13 Domestic Helper Resume Objective Examples

Updated May 22, 2022
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It is a good idea to add a targeted career objective in a resume for a domestic helper position. 

The best place for your objective statement is on the top of your resume rather than adding it in the body of the attached cover letter.

Writing a good objective statement can prove to employers that you know what you want to do and are familiar with the domestic help work.

If you include an objective on your Domestic Helper Resume, it is imperative to tailor the resume objective to match the needs of the employer.

The more targeted your resume objective is, the better are chances that you will be considered for the interview.

13 Best Sample Objectives for Domestic Helper Resume

1. Results-oriented and dynamic professional seeking a domestic helper position with Houston Housekeeping Agency. Excited to leverage my 6+ years of extensive experience in cleaning, meal preparation, and errands running.

2. Extraordinarily talented and focused domestic helper seeking a position at TheCare. Offers a “second set of hands” by employing my expertise in managing housework and performing babysitting duties as well.

3. Looking for a position as a Domestic Helper with Countrywide Helpers where my strong skills in handling housekeeping tasks and errands running will be fully utilized.

4. Dexterous Domestic Helper with a positive “can-do” attitude seeking a position at Helpers Inc. Offering effective communication skills and the ability to adapt to different situations in order to handle domestic work efficiently.

5. To work as a Domestic Helper for Beaver Caregiving Training Center. Bringing dynamic personality and ability to follow directions to fulfill domestic work requirements.

6. To obtain a challenging position as a Domestic Helper at We Care. Offers a cheerful disposition, manual dexterity, knowledge of handling housework efficiently, and a demonstrated ability to look after and nurture children.

7. Seeking a position as a Domestic Helper at Hemmingway People providing the benefit of positive interaction abilities and strong dedication to housework and children’s development. Skilled in handling toddlers and infants while providing heavy housekeeping support.

8. To work as a Domestic Helper at Helping Hands where proficiency in carrying out housework and childcare activities can be utilized effectively.

9. To obtain a domestic helper position with a reputed company that emphasizes quality of services.

10. To work as a Domestic Helper for XYZ Housekeeping Company where I can make the most of my cleaning skills.

11. Seeking a domestic Assistant position at ABC Company to utilize my housekeeping and general maintenance skills.

12. To obtain a position as a maid to serve the host family. Utilizing cleaning, ironing, and errands management skills to help family members in the most productive way.

13. A Domestic Helper’s position with a small and independent family.

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