Home Health Caregiver Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2016

Your first and perhaps only chance to make a positive impression on an employer is through the resume. The cover letter too counts for a lot. On the other hand, as the resume is more detailed, so it has a better chance of proving that your existence on the planet can be a benefit to a company.

Get your facts straight first. Make sure that you are actually eligible for the position that you want to apply for. Once eligibility is established, you can begin writing your resume along the lines of the following sample:


Home Health Caregiver Resume Sample


Amanda Parker, CNA

33 Lively Road ● Maryville, TN 44774 ● (000) 417-8544 ● amand.park @email .com


Performance Summary: Compassionate and kind individual with a solid track record of providing home health care to over 50 patients in their homes within the last 5 years. Effectively monitors patients’ conditions by observing their mental and physical health and ensuring the comfort and wellbeing. A hardworking individual who is skilled in providing personal hygiene care in addition to housekeeping and laundry.


– Counseling Services – Nutrition Support – Personal Hygiene
– Housekeeping – Patient Monitoring – Medicine Administration
– Positioning/Alignment – Range of Motion Exercising – Ambulation Support
– Vitals Monitoring – Therapeutic Services – Records Management

• Rehabilitated a 10 year old child who had been through a severe accident, by providing her with constant round the clock care, within 3 months of being assigned to her
• Successfully stopped an elderly patient with dementia from taking his life, by counseling him through the darkest time of his life
• Created and implemented an exercise program based on “range of motion” directive, to meet the daily needs of geriatric patients
• Developed a series of nutritional plans for patients housebound due to chronic illnesses


Home Health Caregiver | 2/2011 – Present
Caregivers Inc., Maryville, TN

• Extensively go through each assigned patient’s medical history to determine illnesses and conditions
• Ascertain that each assigned patient’s healthcare plan is adhered to when deciding modus operandi for caregiving
• Assist patients with personal grooming, including bathing, washing and toileting activities
• Prepare nutritious food, in accordance to patients’ individual and specific nutritional requirements
• Provide housekeeping and laundry support in addition to assisting with household errands such as paying bills and grocery shopping
• Take and record patients’ vitals and ensure that any cause for concern is communicated to the family
• Provide counseling by posing as confidante and listen to patients’ concerns and worries

Home Health Caregiver | 7/2006 – 2/2011
AA Agency, Maryville, TN

• Maintained a safe and comfortable environment for patients to ensure their physical safety and mental peace
• Helped and instructed family members care for patients by teaching the appropriate ways to lift, turn and reposition patients
• Ascertained that patients’ surroundings are kept clean and safe for them
• Created and implemented a wide range of motion exercises and assist patients in carrying them out
• Assisted clients with therapeutic services such as massages and physical therapy

Elderly Caregiver | 11/2001 – 7/2006
Senior Care Complex, Maryville, TN

• Assisted patients with daily personal tasks such as grooming, bathing, toileting and washing
• Recorded patients vitals such as temperature, blood pressure and pulse on a regular basis
• Assisted patients with self-administration of medication and provided support with IVs and IMs
• Turned and repositioned patients to ward off chances of bedsores and ensured that beds were properly made
• Ascertained the cleanliness and sanitization of patients’ rooms and ensured that any causes for concern were immediately communicated to assigned nurses


Tennessee State Certified Nursing Assistant

Diploma in Senior Care – 2000
Community College, Maryville, TN