Business Architect Resume Example

Updated on: March 22, 2022

Earning a business architect job interview is difficult these days, even for well-qualified professionals.

Since the job market is quite saturated, employers work on the 20 seconds rule while scanning through the hundreds of resumes they receive for a single job posting.

The 20-second rule means that the employer will examine your resume for a mere 20 seconds if it impresses him or her she will either decide to read all of it in detail or to call you directly in for an interview.

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Business Architect Position?

Here are two quick tips that can help you in building a compelling business architect resume:

  1. Cover everything given in the job description as you write your resume, using the same terminology as used in the advertisement.
  2. Your resume length can be up to 2 pages, but make sure you don’t miss out anything relevant and don’t include anything irrelevant.

Here is a Business Architect Resume sample for your guidance.

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Business Architect Resume Example

Julian Myers
744 Gordon Lane, Nashville, TN 78203
(000) 785-8954
[email protected]


A detail-oriented, dedicated, and meticulous professional with 11-plus-years of hands-on experience in corporate architectural projects. Effective in collaborating with business and technology experts to define and develop architectural platforms adhering to strategic business goals. Proven ability to create meaningful relationships between architecture artifacts and application constructs

– Impact Assessment
– Blueprint Articulation
– Roadmap Production
– Application Engine/SQR
– Operation Review
– Strategic Analysis
– Troux Modeling
– HRMS Suite/HCM
– Discovery Sessions
– Model Processing
– FEA Guidelines


Business Support Architect
Asurion, Nashville, TN 
– Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors (CSFs) which resulted in 30% quality enhancement.
– Attain 100% client satisfaction by careful alignment of application to corporate strategy
effective leverage of best practice designs.
– Develop and execute architectural projects to support business initiatives.
– Conduct regular design impact analysis and issue timely reports regarding changes needed.
– Provide input and verifications to downstream teams based on analysis.

Business Architect
BZ Enterprises, Nashville, TN   
– Facilitated 5 workshops efficiently with stakeholders for 2 projects worth $50000.
– Earned a double promotion in 2015 (from Junior Architect to Business Support Architect).
– Researched, compiled, and documented business architectural deliverables.
– Assisted in gap analysis and defining of roadmaps to achieve the target state.
– Monitored and drove project progress against a given timeline.

BS, Architecture

Member: American Society of Business Architects

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