Business Architect Cover Letter Sample

June 10, 2019

Never write a Business Architect cover letter thinking that the employer will read it in detail.

Keep in mind that the employer is only going to skim through it as quickly as possible.


You need to clarify right from the beginning what value you will be adding and why that value matters to the firm.

How to Write a Business Architect Cover Letter?

In order to write an effective Cover Letter for Business Architect position, you need to follow some general rules:

• Use as much action words as possible to customize your pitch and showcase what you can do, supporting it with what you have done previously.

• You have mentioned your accomplishments, great! Don’t just stop there. Move a step forward and define why and how your previous success is relevant to this role.


• Quantify your work. Do not talk without statistical evidence. Give them solid proof of your value.

• Instill interest by showing that you know about the prospective firm. Remember, when it comes to cover letters, dedication translates into seriousness. Show them that you are really in for it.

Refer to the sample cover letter for Business Architect Resume below to get a better idea.


Business Architect Cover Letter Example



John Sanders
628 Ebony Lane, Oshkosh, WI 79121
(000) 232-4367

June 10, 2019

Mr. Christopher Guilford
HR Manager
Oshkosh Corporation
655 Freeway Arcade
Oshkosh, WI 79121


Dear Mr. Guilford:

Your job requirement for an experienced, IOBA-certified business architect fits my skill base and expertise perfectly. Therefore, I am enthusiastically offering my services for a Business Architect position at Oshkosh Corporation.

My experience in business architecture, coupled with strong relationship building and expanding skills, have always rendered me capable of meeting and exceeding clients’ architectural satisfaction. I have pinpointed a couple of my achievements in the role to give you an idea of my potential as a business architect:

• Enhanced the overall quality of architectural project development up to 50% at the firm by introducing techniques like user inventories and demo-story boards to gauge client satisfaction.

• Applied systematic approach to leverage business partner’s subject matter and followed change management effectively to complete an at stake project worth $40K for the firm.

I am very excited to meet with you to discuss my abilities in detail. I shall be following up with you next week. Please feel free to call me if you have any queries regarding my experience, expertise, and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




John Sanders

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